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Basil Volga

Volga was unable to make for themselves the right conclusions. Perhaps, for it made them editor, which published this article only because he could not resist the effects of human consciousness to it consciousness of the universe, no man can distinguish between their own thoughts, generated by their same consciousness of thoughts, arriving at cogitative system from without a man. Consciousness of the universe will decide for Basil Volga and many other issues, for example, unpleasant moments and extreme events in his life. That is why even the Vasili Volga tells journalist Ivan Immortal about how incredibly lucky in his life. But he does not understand that luck is not given to man for nothing. Even if Vasili Volga will use the luck is not in the right direction, it still still will not leave it, but in doing so he will definitely lose your health, and may eventually finish something like this happened to the great Lenin. And then Vasili Volga can understand that for a man not afraid of itself death, but how he dies. Comrades who have distinguished themselves and have shown themselves not with the best hand, in excruciating for a man of old age and death provide an opportunity to reflect on how the priorities of people gave much of his life, make it clear that no luck, and luck characterize the bright side of man, and above all his honesty and fairness to other people. Just look at the people who accompany a life good luck, and often you can see how lucky a person pushes on the deception and betrayal, developing his greed and desire for money-grubbing.


This causes that it is easier to enjoy your cocktail in the course of the night without needing adding more calories. Calories in the Mixer tequila Tequila The soda waters and juice are the more common mixers of tequila, than also they turn out to be the mixers highest of calories. When maintaining the mixers limited juices natural and diet refreshments, you can reduce the calories of tequila cocktails. When one is a tequila cocktail with multiple ingredients nevertheless, it is practically impossible to maintain the account of the calories down. Because liquors have an average of 100 calories by ounce and the rank syrups 70 to 100 calories by ounce, a small amount of these mixers even can add a pile of calories to your cocktail of tequila. It reduces to the minimum the calories of the tequila cocktails, following the simple gold rule. They adhere to drinks with not more than 3 ingredients and drinks that use in glasses as cocktail or rocks.

These advice will allow you to enjoy the calories of the cocktails of tequila without having preocuparte about them. Low cocktails of tequila in calories If you wish a cocktail of traditionally great tequila, but without all the calories, dile the waiter who makes on rocks or glass old fashioned. This way you can enjoy some of your favorite drinks without many calories. To drink tequila while weight is lost is something that can be enjoyed without preoccupations. Everything what you must do is asegurarte to count the calories in tequila cocktails before you order and asegurarte of which your cocktails are moderate correctly. Specific with your barman about which you always want asegurate of knowing how many calories it has in tequila cocktails.

Giving Men Flowers

Really? It turns out that this proposition is plainly wrong. According to the poll most of the male population of Russia to the question "Do you like getting flowers?" Responded positively. There is nothing unusual – every man is born to thin to feel and understand the beauty of the surrounding world, to enjoy the goodness of nature and sensitive to perceive the slightest shades of beauty. Sense of beauty in the blood of each person, whether male or female. Yes, the man synonymous with manliness, determination, courage, and women are used to treat men with the position of the weak, fragile creatures in need of care and patronage brave defenders.

We do not intend to challenge this view, we just want to see that given a bouquet of flowers, not only does not diminish the men's merits, but rather underlines their thanks to the contrast between tremulous flower charm and indomitable masculine strength. However, all the same culture colors for men in Russia are not so popular in European countries. Perhaps the reason is a lack of understanding of how should look like the male flower, and how it differs from the traditional feminine floral composition. Male flower – is a very special kind of floral art, whose main features are the rigor and clarity lines. Almost every male you can find dried flowers bouquet, is an inherent part of this section florist. And the colors that symbolize the masculine, is considered to be roses, gerbera, delphinium, gladiolus, chrysanthemum and anthuriums, but always rich in color.

With some exaggeration in this list, you can make orchids, lilies, irises and calla lilies, but again the light color. Unambiguously "masculine" colors include green, dark red, yellow, purple shades, but the use of pale pink, light blue and other pastel colors in men's bouquets should be avoided. Flowers in a bouquet should be bright, large, on a tall stalk, which represents victory, success, striving upward. Florist in the preparation of a bouquet for a man to forget about the frills and decorations, appropriate in the women's bouquet. It should be remembered that the male mind requires, above all, consistency and straightforwardness, while women's nature differs romance and inconsistent. Therefore, the female flowers differ romance and intricate shapes, and the male wedges characterized by brevity and simplicity. Most often, the male flower has an oblong, elongated shape and is made with regard to age, individual characteristics and social status of men, whom he intended. If we are talking about a colleague, business partner or manager, preferably dry, stressed the official style of the business of the bouquet. Often the best option is a classic mix of roses and chrysanthemums, which is likely to appeal to men of all ages and backgrounds. And here is a creative bunch of custom colors and with the use of exotic flowers can be appreciated only young people. In informal atmosphere allowed some freedom in choice of color and of composition of the bouquet, but the main principles for establishing the masculine bouquet should remain unchanged. Design flower arrangement should be bold, contrasting with well seasoned forms. And most importantly – a bouquet should be happy with their beauty and fun!