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The Beavers Come!

Press release: Naturefund begins a new land purchase project for the protection of the Beaver. In southern Hesse, Germany, right on the border with Bavaria, Naturefund wants to buy together with the society for nature conservation and floodplain development about 4,000 square meters for the Beaver. In Hesse, Germany, Europe’s largest rodent disappeared already in the 19th century. Recently Dr. Mark Hyman sought to clarify these questions. Only a reintroduction of Elbe Beavers in the main-Kinzig-Kreis in the years 1987 and 1988 brought him back. The beaver is the only animal that makes its Habitat itself, building castles, as well as dams and dam water.

Beavers alter the landscape, set meadows under water and cut large trees. No wonder, then, that they were a thorn in the eyes of the farmers. Where they appeared, they were fiercely driven. In Hesse, the last Beaver died in the 19th century. Twenty years ago, the society for nature conservation and floodplain development started (short: GNA) together with the Hessian nature protection agency a beaver project.

Between 1987 and 1988, nineteen Elbe-Beaver were exposed on the sense and Jossa in the sense Valley streams. The settlement succeeded in immediately. Meanwhile, over 130 Beaver in the region could be detected. The beaver is a skilled landscape architect. A water depth of 50-80 cm is important for the beavers. The water is too shallow, he rounded up 70 cm high dams of branches and branches up to 1 m, which he seals off with mud and plant parts. Thus, he regulates the water level. The Beaver from branches and twigs to build his castles. The input must be always under water, to dive quickly to danger. A mosaic of flowing and standing water occurs, accompanied by alluvial forest as well as a dense herbaceous and soft wood vegetation. There are habitats, which have almost disappeared with us. Since the Beaver in the main-Kinzig-Kreis came back, the biodiversity on the Beaver area increased rapidly. A part of the Beaver in the sense Valley is located in the State of Bavaria and was already placed under conservation. A somewhat smaller area located on Hessian soil and is still privately owned. This area wants to buy Naturefund together with the GNA and thus the entire Protect the sense Valley Beaver country. In the future, the area is no longer editable and left to themselves. Again, Naturefund financed the purchase of the area through sponsorships. Already with 5 EUR, godfathers and godmothers to protect permanently 4 square meters for the beavers. Learn more about the Beaver project see: country Godfather photo material to the press release you will find under: press news Katja Wiese, Naturefund e. V.

Pond Food – What And How Often To Feed Fish In The Pond?

Pond food like pond flakes or pond sticks well suited for feeding the most fish in the pond. More specific feed should be fed when there are Koi, sturgeon in the garden pond. Food for all pond fish dry food for pond fish there are in various styles, such as feeding flakes, sticks or as granules. The composition is balanced with the most foods so that they can be used as a complete feed for the daily feeding of the fish in the pond. Many pond fish, such as goldfish, pleased but also diversions on their diets. While insects and microbes such as mosquito larvae, and Gammarus are popular delicacies.

These can be purchased commercially as live feeds, as frozen food or dried. Feed as often pond fish? Feeding pond fish, it’s always on several factors, which determine the quantity of feed. So less food should, for example, at cooler temperatures and are no longer fed at cold temperatures in the winter. The metabolism of Fish works at warmer temperatures better than when cold, so in the summer the pond food better can be digested. When calculating the amount of feed, then factors such as the size of the pond, the number of fish, the vegetation and the occurrence of algae in the pond get a role. It should be fed always just as much as the pond fish eat within a few minutes. Is still food in the pond, after about five minutes then less should be fed the next time.

Typically a feeding advisable once or twice a day. Special feed for koi in the pond with Koi in the pond we recommend to access more specific feed themselves. They are omnivorous, but should be fed with speziellerem koi feeds. Especially granulated food is a popular feed at Koibesitzern. Different varieties are adapted to different needs. There are koi feeds to the colour enhancement, the faster growth or also to reinforce the defences.

Dangerous Beast In The Holiday – The Dog

Despite a deteriorating reputation dogs remain popular for some it is a dangerous animal for the other family member. The dog. A small percentage of dog owners and bad headlines have ensured that the reputation of dogs has deteriorated a lot. Nevertheless, there are always more dogs and thus a huge market that should not be left aside. So many holiday providers have focused on a holiday with dog. Even while on vacation, the dog should not be missed.

Headlines in the media and stricter laws. The gap between dog owners and those who have no dog has been growing. So, on the one hand, many people are frightened by recent messages. On the other hand, dog owners suffer greater reluctance, that will be brought against them. Blame has a very low percentage of dog owners who brings the larger part of the dog owner in trouble by their ignorance and wrong handling of the animal. On playgrounds or if children are nearby, every dog should be at the line will be taken.

Even if the dog is still so sweet and never what has done. A not angeleinter dog may also be of a certain size, throws it rather fear among many people as angeleinter. Public dealing with the dog affected the reputation of all dog owners. The man tends to close from one to all. Situations that cause negative feelings, rather remain in the memory. So people reminds of the one who had his dog not in the handle, rather than on the larger majority, trying to maintain a good reputation. Many dog owners are upset. You need to suffer a few worsened the reputation of your dog. Parents take their children on the arm. People start screaming. Others change the side of the road, as soon as a dog around the corner. You can see such situations these days more often than it was 15 years ago. But for the majority of dog owners, the dog belongs to the family. He has become an integral part in the life of the master or mistress. One has that Animal in the end of his life integrated and aligned with much care. Go walkies at certain times, include the proper care and the best food. The dog is always as a family member. Also in the holiday. To advertise some holiday provider that dogs in their apartments are welcome guests. In many resorts, there are extra outdoor space, beach areas, and so on for dogs. Despite bad news, there is more and more dogs, according to statistics. Therefore, over 5 million households own a dog. This is a huge market, which are not allowed out. Fortunately, many holiday providers have recognized this. So, it is no problem to find a holiday home suitable for dog owners or hotel rooms. Even if the dog’s reputation has suffered lately, he is still among the most popular pet in Germany. And just because the reputation has become worse, many dog owners try especially to endeavour to improve it again.

Fressnapf Food

How wolfing dogs and older dogs can benefit from an elevated feeding dish. Elevated feeders are particularly suitable for large dogs and are a practical invention not only for the dog. A dog bowl, which is almost at the level of the head, makes the dog easier to eat and swallow. It is not only more convenient, but has positive effects on the digestive system, because less air is swallowed. As a result, the bloating decreases. A common problem that can be reduced according to experts and veterinarians with an elevated Fressnapf. Elevated bowls are a relief for older dogs with arthritis.

The pressure on the joints and the spine is not so great, as if he must eat hunched over. Big dogs by the way often tend to the arthritis than smaller dogs. However, there are increased feeding bowls in all sizes. Even for cats are such food dishes on offer. Very high feeding bowls have of course even larger bowls with up to 2 litres Barrel capacity. So, even big dogs good with water are supplied, if they are a few hours alone.

Enjoyable not only for the dog but also for human back, because the dog owner has not so deep to bend down, to change or to replenish food or water bowls. Small tip on the edge: the dog sick ate themselves and should be still remains in the bowl, dog trainers recommend to empty bowls. To prevent obesity, and on the other hand, the dog owner should decide when the dog gets his food. This should strengthen the human leadership. Finally still another advantage. Some dogs eat in such a hurry, that they leave a little havoc to the food bowl. An elevated feeding dish can help here, too. Due to its height, the feed directly back into the Bowl drops without to spread on the ground. The elevated food dish has its sense and purpose. But eventually every dog owner must decide which Bowl for his dog in question. Often, there is also a cost issue.

Pulmosal – Stabilized The Growth Performance Of Your Calves

Make sure in the winter in healthy calves! Oeding, who brings 30.11.10 – due to weather conditions the company Bewital prevents a new product on the market, which the calf helps colds and growth depression. At the beginning of the cold season of calves suffering from respiratory diseases are increasing every year significantly. Pulmosal can directly support the metabolism and the immune system of the calf and help in dealing with impairments in these phases. The calf mortality rate from birth to weaning is between 10 and 20%. The main causes for these losses are diarrhea (40%) and respiratory diseases (about 20%). In addition to colds growth dips often occur. Medicines, lack of daily increases up to dead animals represent a significant economic loss. Also possible before damage to the respiratory system (lungs, bronchi) and the resulting future performance depression of the animal must be taken into account.

Pulmosal supports the calf as well as in the management of diseases in the digestive system, which often occur under load. Pulmosal contains herbal components that successfully are also used in human medicine. Appetizing substances secure feed intake in stressful situations. At the same time stimulates the digestive organs and improves the absorption of nutrients, especially of the amino acids. To prevent performance slumps, it remains at a steady healthy growth.

Respiratory diseases occur not only in changeable weather. Calves are particularly susceptible to respiratory diseases due to the immaturity of their lungs. Only 4 weeks after the birth of the lung growth begins. Small calves, respiratory diseases are so dominant in the first weeks of life. The full maturation of the lung is reached only after one year. Another reason for the strong susceptibility to respiratory diseases lies in the specific Anatomy of cattle. The lung is in contrast to the Animal body is relatively small. To provide maximum performance, must be ventilated strongly with oxygen-rich air. This results in a high risk of disease with erregen preservation on air. Therefore: Pulmosal prevent and insure good increases!

Dog Training Basics

Tips for dog owners, faced with raising an animal for the first time are why dog training is important? A good dog training builds mutual confidence and to allow the dog (and human) life without conflicts. Much is required today by a dog. He should adapt to our everyday life and thereby provide a highly social behavior. A dog is grateful for a good education, because he is like based on the leader of the Pack. The individual phases of the dog training: 1st and 2nd week: the vegetative phase (drink and sleep) 3rd week: transition (open the palpebral fissures and outer ear canals) 4th until the 7th week: the sensitive phase (embossing phase) 8 to 12 week: the socialization stage (puppy begins to explore his environment) of 13 to 16 weeks: the ranking phase: the dog takes his position in the hierarchy a 5th and 6th month: The Pack order phase (the teeth change of the young dog is) puberty phase: this is slightly different for each dog. Generally begins at the 7 month around This phase. 12 to 18 month: The maturing phase, the dog is mentally mature at this time. Positive and negative experiences will determine his further action.

In the education of the dog is conditioned by using positive reinforcement (treats, ball, etc.), that is to installed to display desired behaviors and to apply properly. Of course, a successful education involves some rules that the dog owner should observe. Many writers such as Joel Courtney offer more in-depth analysis. It is important to confirm the sofort(!) dog, since he already no longer understands some seconds, for which he was rewarded after execution of the command. See more detailed opinions by reading what Carl Jung offers on the topic.. The same applies to the Zurchtweisen of the dog. It should happen immediately. The sound makes the music: to link the training always the same command in the same pitch as the dog learns sequences with the appropriate exercises.

Praise is always in a friendly, high voice. A ways rightly should be always in a pitch where the dog recognizes our displeasure, but should the Never yell at the dog. Methodologies to the dog training can be for example the conditioning of dogs on a “dog flute”. The dog associates the whistle from this “flute” with something positive after successful conditioning. So allows to call up his dog the dog owner with a single whistle. The clicker training conditioned the dog on a particular sound, “clicking”, which is always a positive acknowledgment to the result. Again, it is again important to reward the dog immediately. The conditioning via the feed, alternating between the noise and the luxury treat on the clicker. Click feed, click feed. Is the dog linked after a short time after the noise a reward done. Many people are so overwhelmed, to train the dog. Therefore, there are dog schools and dog trainer, with whom you can work together. You can learn more basics of dog training for example here. Many of the skills that are necessary to the dog everyday use are the dog is not too difficult to learn. Also in the private training, you can achieve that is already successful. And otherwise (for example in problem dogs), there is a dog school, which you can use in almost every major city.