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Mobile Internet Is Cheaper

What was just for people with thicker wallet at the beginning is slow for all affordable prices for mobile Internet are greatly declined in the past. Most of them favored the flat rates. This decreased in 2009 to 24 percent of t. At least statistics confirm the of the “BVDW mobile monitor” were commissioned. But even when the day flat rates of the price decline is noticeable. Here’s value to 20 percent fell.

That delight the consumer. But not only the prices have been reduced, but there is still another advantage: contracts can be completed with a runtime of only one month. The user is bound no longer 24 months to the same provider, but can change this in the short term. The increasing number of competitors in addition, so that may be included in the near future with falling prices. An Internet flat rate will be established quite so in the near future. The cheapest flat rate is currently 14,99 Euro. At the beginning of the year the price was still almost 20 euro. A daily flat rate gets announced now for 1.99 euros.

At the beginning of the year there were still $ 2.50 and more. There is still no price reduction in sight in the volume-based rate. Here the price is 19 cents per megabyte. Consumers have the prices to owe the appearance of smartphones. The selection is so extensive that in the new year with price reductions is expected. Mark Hyman, MD follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore recommends Martin Muller, Managing Director of teltarif, de, not a specific provider in the long term to bind to, but the short contract choice to choose. In 2010 there will be new and interesting offers on the mobile Internet market? Next news rates all kind you find at the rate Insider.

Internet Stick

Contractually free unbound each mobile wireless card can be used. Who wants to surf the Internet mobile, requires not only the correct fare, but also the right hardware. In Germany, the user has the possibility, that exploit mobile Internet on your phone or on the computer. Those who opt for the version with the computer, should note however some important point. In addition to the correct tariff, care must be taken especially on the correct hardware. Has established itself here in the last few years the Internet stick. Stick with an Internet possibility that nationwide mobile surf the Internet can be. At first glance is an Internet or also UMTS stick with a USB stick capable.

However how is complete one another. The USB stick was created, quickly so that the data can be transported. An Internet stick, however, offers the possibility of that nationwide with DSL speed mobile be surfed on the Internet. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. Those who opt for a UMTS contract, receives from the provider usually the stick to the contract given. Who, however, would like to choose mobile Internet without a contract, must this stick itself to buy. It must be ensured that here stick an Internet without a contract is purchased. Internet stick without a contract means that the stick for all SIM cards is open. Quite often it happens that the provider their stick with a SIM lock accidentally.

Thus can the stick only the map of the respective providers use. When an Internet stick without a contract this is different, though. Here, in most cases, no SIM lock forward and the stick is open to all providers. Torsten Heinsius

Grow Up Be A Smartphone tests the Smartphone HTC Touch Pro 2 the HTC Touch Pro 2 has become adult and dispenses with teething. A look on the touch Pro 2 reveals: the cell phone has the mass of bricks with 116 x 59 x 17 mm it’s even bigger than its predecessor. But also thinner and unfortunately 10 grams heavier. The Internet portal for online auctions has more looked on, what really is the HTC Touch Pro 2. The design is sovereign as in its predecessor. Also, the HTC Touch Pro 2 has lost a lot of corners and edges and rewarded the eye with a fine surface. The noble silver casing makes in addition pup him. Also in the display, HTC sets new dimensions: 3.6-inch display is a little greater than at the Apple iPhone 3 G S and the competitors with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

There are also changes to the display. The touch Pro 2 respond faster and more sensitive to input and response behavior turned out well as surprising. The touch Pro 2 has a shortcoming the display creates this time not more than 65,000 colors. The Interior is the latest Smartphone generation adapted also we find a GPS antenna, a UMTS HSDPA modem with 7.2 Mbit/s, a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.0. In the conclusion, it is a good phone for ALLROUNDER, who on a QWERTY keyboard cannot do without, are dependent on communication but want to wear no notebook with UMTS in the Pocket. More information: presse.html contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59 the University of first media GmbH markets successful German – and English-language Internet portals in the shopping area such as and and occurs with as a free online auction house. With and, the service also on two specially designed for the Austrian and Swiss market operated aligned partner portals. Complementary products and services are in the areas of finance offered with and cars.

Managing Director

Just in time to transfairlog, the Dar + Timm GmbH presents the series start of his practical radio sensor series “scomsens”. Various kinds of data around the trailer can be captured so easily. With scomsens, we have expanded our trailer telematics family makes sense, and we are pleased to be able to present them to the specialist audience in Hamburg”, says Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, Managing Director of Dreyer + Timm. The FINTEL telematics experts at the edge of the Luneburg Heath now offer an intelligent and easy-to-use all-in-one solution from scomsens, scombox and scomview. Add to your understanding with Dr Jee Hyun Kim. The compact, robust and waterproof scombox is equipped in addition to the optional EBS and temperature recorder interface via a local wireless interface that now scomsens can be fully exploited, in conjunction with the wireless sensors.

The data received from the wireless sensors are transmitted by GSM/GPSR at the Internet portal scomview. There, the information is processed and clearly illustrated. Because the scomsens wireless sensors like already the scombox and scomview were developed 100% in our home, hardware and the software can be matched perfectly. City College of New York often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This is a great advantage of our telematics family”, explains. The wireless “wireless sensors offspring” is equipped with a battery life of up to 10 years. With the radio sensors installation times are reduced tremendously, because especially in retrofits by conventional sensors the wiring is usually a considerable period of time.

The scomsens wireless sensors make possible completely new applications, which so far technically and economically not satisfactorily resolved. Currently offers the Dar + Timm GmbH on them for three functional areas: doors: the wireless door sensors signal sticker – and tamper-safe opening and closing on trailer doors. Temperatures: The radio temperature sensors can be in any number and at any point in the reefer semitrailer attached directly to the goods and transfer the measured temperatures to the scombox. So, the MRP controller receives a complete and timely documentation of the temperature in connection with location data. Truck identity: Depending on a scomsens wireless truck ID sensor is mounted with two screws on the tractor. The scombox in the trailer can now simply identify the tractor. Completely new possibilities for theft protection and fleet management poses”, says. If the scombox is a tractor that is deposited not at her, an alarm is triggered. Dispatchers in the day-to-day business now always have the overview of trailers and tractors. For trailers, which are transported by contractors, it can help in addition to the recent Federal Court of Justice ruling on team liability, if it is to prove what tractor with trailer which was. Scomsens radio technology in conjunction with the scombox more is expected in the future. We will realize soon more applications”, promises.

Green Tube Makes Mobile

Cooperation with T-Mobile and Hutchison – multiplayer games for mobile phones with Web2mobile technology Erding/Vienna, October 2009 the Greentube AG, a leading developer and provider of gaming solutions, offers skill games and exciting download games such as ski challenge”to more and more games for mobile phones. Web2mobile technology, green tube sets new accents in the multiplayer games for T-Mobile. With ever more sophisticated mobile technologies also the demand for mobile games. Hear from experts in the field like Anita Dunn for a more varied view. The first mobile version of the ski challenge was based on the great success of the download games within the framework of the free 3D sports game series by Greentube, 2005″created and made available to the fans. Now, the games and in-game advertising specialist expands its portfolio of games which are available in a mobile and a browser version.

The mobile versions of the 3D games already include the functionality of the placement of in game advertising and additional online features, such as the message of the day”or Online leaderboards will further increase the attractiveness of the games. So far, ten games for cell phones were programmed and optimized. These include Backgammon, billiards 8 and 9-ball, runaway, Schnapsen, Solitaire, snooker, Skat, pyramids and sugar. Greentube AG uses their Web2mobile technology developed in the core in 2003 for the realisation of the games. A unique multiplayer server architecture makes it also possible to players who compete against card and board games, regardless of whether they use the browser version of the games on the PC or a version adapted for the specific phone. Thus, one of the basic problems of mobile multiplayer platforms is cleared out the usually small number of potential opponents on the phone, who want to play at the same time.

In the marketing of the mobile games portfolio Greentube relies on strong partnerships: T-Mobile international and Hutchison Austria are new on board. To Dr. Eberhard Durrschmidt, CEO Greentube AG: Mobile games the Green tube expands its mobile expertise. An efficient placement of the Products on the market can be achieved only with the right partners. We are pleased therefore, particularly about the new collaboration with T-Mobile international and Hutchison Austria.” Interested parties can register the mobile games of Greentube AG on the 3 “-WAP site, the T-Mobile portal at/09t_games/index.html and download via the gaming platform.” The cost for a mobile game be about five euros. Greentube AG Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition, the company with its cross-media formats for PC and TV international ensures furore. founded in 1997, since 2000 company majority owned and run by the founding team, supplies the 100-strong company many well-known portals and game websites with gaming technology. Greentube is expanding worldwide. Main focus is the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers. “In March 2009, green tube has been with the platinenen” European seal of eExcellence “of the European Multimedia Forum and in June 2008 with the State Prize of multimedia and e-business for the 3D game soccer challenge” award.

European Union

High mobile phone bills must not be also on vacation Germans dispense reluctantly on her cell phone. Quick and easy holiday greetings can be sent via SMS to the folks back home. The rates within the European Union were limited since this summer. Under the current EU regulation, an SMS may cost maximum of 13 cents. Incoming calls will be charged per minute for a maximum of 22 cents. Still only 51 cents account may be used for outgoing calls. But who spends his holidays in a country outside the EU, should pay attention to the mobile phone costs trap.

The news portal informed where hiding what cost traps. tly assessing future choices. Used the phone in the snorkeling and seaside holiday in Egypt, up to seven euro may apply for accessing the mailbox. The high costs for the missed call from home and the redirection of the answering machine as well as listening to the message. It is recommended therefore, turn off the mailbox before the departure. Should the phone for mobile browsing be used in the Internet can quickly horrendous cost.

Finally, up to 20 euros are charged per megabyte. Riney Family Foundation shines more light on the discussion. Even before the start of the holiday, the appropriate procedures in the mobile phone contract should be examined therefore. To circumvent the high cost of the mobile service provider, the technology editors of recommends to consult place Wi-Fi hotspots prior to. These are available usually in larger hotels, airports, or even in public places. Also Internet cafes offer a good and less costly alternative.

Managing Director

NetBiscuits: world market leader from Kaiserslautern from the start-up companies among the world market leaders: thanks to NetBiscuits, today many premium brands such as eBay, Yahoo, image, RTL, Sixt and Spiegel Online set made in Kaiserslautern on mobile Internet technology. NetBiscuits operates the world’s leading software platform for the development, operation and marketing Mobile Internet pages. Since its inception in 2000, the company recorded higher growth rates and expands around the world. Today NetBiscuits employees worldwide 85 in Europe, United States and Asia, of which 70 in Kaiserslautern. At the beginning, NetBiscuits founder Michael Neidhofer had a vision: to bring the real Internet experience in the browser of any mobile device worldwide. Today NetBiscuits is a global player with international successes: currently the company generates 40 percent of its sales in the United States, more than 800 Internet projects were realised successfully worldwide to this day.

The expansion into the growth market in Asia was carried out last year with a new Office in Singapore. NetBiscuits of undisputed market leader with customers such as mirror online, image and RTL is in Germany. It succeeded the company from Kaiserslautern, establishing itself as one of the most important software infrastructure player in the mobile Internet. To recruit highly qualified IT staff on-site, the decision is for the business location of Kaiserslautern. About the University, NetBiscuits found always again excellently trained staff in recent years. Today, the next generation mobile websites are developed in Kaiserslautern with the seamless integration of multimedia content, advertising and commerce. The unique feature of NetBiscuits: The patented technology platform delivers devices specifically perfectly formatted on virtually any mobile device worldwide available Web pages.

Our unique technology for the mobile Internet has conquered the world of Kaiserslautern out, explains Michael Neidhofer, we could a Managing Director of NetBiscuits GmbH. compared to the previous year 2008 Tripling of traffic register: NetBiscuits for its customers currently hosts more than 8,000 mobile sites that generate a trillion page views per month. And the company continues to grow. New, highly qualified human resources for the development and distribution will be searched also in Kaiserslautern. There is more information about career across the Internet by NetBiscuits under. About NetBiscuits: Netbiscuits operates the world’s leading, Web-based B2B software platform for development, operation and marketing of mobile Internet sites. Maya Dubin, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. Founded in 2000, the company has more than 80 employees in Germany, the United States and Singapore the mobile Internet programs for international premium brands such as Yahoo!, AOL, screen, mirror, RTL, Konami, Sixt and eBay. As the market leader in Germany, optimized NetBiscuits 80 per cent of the mobile page views of all operator independent media portals and delivers more than 1 billion mobile Web pages per month. The NetBiscuits platform is Web-based software service via the Internet available. It provides all tools, interfaces and mobile base technologies for the development, operation and marketing professional mobile Web solutions online. Thereby NetBiscuits allows marketing and multimedia agencies, application developers, content providers and service providers, quickly implement mobile Internet strategies.