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Strategic Health Corp

At Strategic Health Corp it is our aim to please our customers.  We offer the following comprehensive services: utilization management; transplant networks; cancer care; care management; medical bill audit; pediatric and neo-natal management.  We have 20 years experience in full spectrum medical cost containment which has enabled us to develop a wide variety of programs. Our fully trained staff successfully facilitates all aspects of claims management from A to Z vis-à-vis medical expenses.

The program attempts to best meet the patient’s needs while protecting Strategic Health Corp’s clients.   The company has developed numerous specialty programs to assist with our medical cost containment efforts.

Health Care Organizations Need Good Management To Be successful

Strategic Health Corp has a staff of professionals in all of the management professions needed for health care. Our staff advise and provide the various management services required to provide successful health care in a profitable manner.

The high costs of staff, equipment, building maintenance, billing, supplies, etc requires efficient management to provide quality health services that will also be attractive to investors. By making health care a viable investment, we can have more health care centers to help more patients and everyone benefits.

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