CONCARNEAU-Bretagne Finistere

Monuments of Brittany, Bretagne vacation the city CONCARNEAU in southern Brittany, Cornwall, sights and attractions of CONCARNEAU, situated between Benodet and Pont-Aven is the most important Fischereihafren of Conouaille, Southern Brittany (Finistere) and the largest tuna port in France. CONCARNEAU fisheries owes its wealth and its charm. A “must” for every Brittany tourist is the long wall of the Harbour and the fishing Museum. Another attraction in CONCARNEAU is the ‘Ville close’, an old town, surrounded by Stadtmaueren, which was built on a small rocky island, just over a bridge from the actual city to reach. It was built in the 16th century by King Gradlon Quimper. In the following century by Vauban was expanded and changed. Despite, or because of this heritage, CONCARNEAU has evolved into a well-known seaside resort.

The city from which one embarks to a crossing on the Glenan Islands, has 4 beaches, a Marinarium and a Marina, numerous restaurants, Cafes and shops that invite you to stroll around. The “Chateau de Keriolet”, a neogothisches Castle recently renovated is located in the North of CONCARNEAU. To the East, Tregunc lies with the Pointe de Trevignon and its magnificent sandy beaches. You see pictures of the beaches of Pointe de Trevignon and CONCARNEAU (home pictures Brittany) on the Web site. You may find here also the right holiday home for a holiday in the South of Brittany. Andrea Buschbaum


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