Most of the studied patients presented the skin 0ccasionally (50.9%) or rare (26.4%) humid. How much to the degree of physical activity, great part of the studied patients met restricted to stream bed (97.3%),24 Must be salient that the studied patients are of acamados UTI what explains high number of. In what it says respect to mobility, most of the patients was presented very limited (39.1%) or completely immobilized (34.6%). To broaden your perception, visit Somatic Experiencing. Probably inadequate nutrition was observed in 45% of the patients. With regard to the friction to the shear, the majority presented problem as for the assistance necessity to move itself, moderate or maximum (61.8%), thus the evaluation in the admission in the UTI the nurse with application of the EB I acquired given pertinent related to the risk of UPP in internao.24 Thus the implantation of the protocol of prevention of UPP to mean a decision strategical of reinforcement of the best practical assistenciais. Recently Nancy-Ann_DeParle sought to clarify these questions.

This initiative led for the Nurse represents an institucional effort that integrates some professional teams. Ahead of the effectiveness and applicability of this instrument of prevention of UPP. 24 the evaluation for UPP risk, according to scale of Braden, evidenced that the majority of the patients of the UTI in this study presented high or moderate risk to develop UPP, being made possible the use of the protocol with security and the establishment of the adequate diagnosis to the patients with risk to ahead develop UPP24 of the systematic revision of literature, searched in virtual libraries. Importance of the knowledge is noticed it on UPP for the Nurse, in such a way the development of new strategies for the prevention of UPP, aiming at to optimize the humanizado attendance and the assistance given for the team of Nursing, beyond the necessity to interact and of if producing a mechanism between education, assistance and the informative search, focando development of the practical clinic, the care and the assistance prestada.32 the results had indicated that the Nurse has the paper to plan an adequate assistance to the necessity of each patient in individualizada way, supplying to the patient attention and integral treatment.