Mustard Mill

Swords mustard mill and walling in the market of walling combine two culinary traditions beer mustard is a new product that combines two traditional company of the region in a delicious way: the Walling Urtrub the swords are mustard a very special flavour, which gives double pleasure the Westphalian gusto. DC and DC joins, they say. Carl Rogers is often quoted on this topic. This is actually on the walling and the mustard mill swords. Both are companies from the region with a long tradition. The Walling is the parent company of Dortmund crowns, that mentioned in 1430 for the first time and deemed to be Dortmund’s oldest restaurants. The roots of the swords mustard mill date back to 1845. Another parallel can be found in the manufacturing process: the Mash Tun is necessary both for the beer and mustard production. The two companies have created but now even the largest commonality: the Walling beer mustard.

In this culinary speciality, mustard in complete symbiosis with each other go the Walling Urtrub and the swords on. 20% walling Urtrub give it a spicy, unmistakable flavor the medium-spicy mustard. The mustard tastes so good it surprised me almost not much more anyone on this idea is coming”, says plant manager of walling, Jorg Kemper. He can give this now its mustard the guests to the food in the Walling”. For home use, the Walling exclusively offers the mustard.


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