Latin Americans

Obama, laughs with his charismatic smile, and nobody now falls to foot juntillas to believe him, and this does that not?? do injures both scriptwriter forecasts u opinador from the left than from the outset imagined? didn’t know that utopically? that Obama would be the star sent by heaven to reorder the world. Who reads of utopias, lives in them. Who I mean, then? Ourselves, to those who write, say and to some extent they generate matrices of opinion, expectations, of false perceptions. Let the quiet Presidents, who have quite with exercising its role before the reality that elected them and his personal commitment to the story. One with a commitment to a people and another to a system, not to be so severe with both reader? also? dreamer. I am referring to the same hope for peoples, which sometimes gets drunk his own illusion and is going to walk this course of estrellamientos; and the naive scriptwriter on the left? we are all more or less extent: does maybe has something wrong dream?, which collect the sentiment but it embadurna then of? theories, to stop then to walk in the bias direction. It is not history. Not the political birth of the idea be subject to hormone preponderantly; much is the bellows which is required for cold humour, for raw no matter what decisions the break of fresh self-esteem, type scientific rigor, who knows that two plus two is four regardless of who your you arreches or have an orgasm with so certain confirmation.

So, well, hell, at the height of the times can not walk with the illusion of a letter under the sleeve of the goodness of the such Obama. Be black not approaching the thousands of kilometres of railway rails under the whip and the Sun building, nor makes it more understandable the mestizo of the millions of Latin Americans cause. Where Devils does such perception, the skies? Obama is a ruse of the imperial system, changing today’s mask, exhausted in his discourse of sustainability, required a pretext of a variance to continue tackling the deception and the exploitation. (Note that Obama and system already suffer from the same thing). One nut relojesco system, and a twist in itself. The color of his skin in nothing ensures that it will go against their status, national origin or beliefs. What ridiculousness! But if we insist, Lords escribidores, continue milking a complacent intellect, that refuses to see that el negrito is a white tiger, hence we have in Colombia our military bases! For wise assholes who write! Some go even arguing that the name is a hostage of the American political system, denied to see the light of another star King.

Once and for all has come the realization that U.S., is more than a country with name and surname, a systematization of dominant forces, in which a zapa work done up to the people themselves but without knowing who or who. Who enters the game, is the game itself. Cannot enter their bowels, under penalty of indigestion, who cannot reconcile with their viscera, although we still have friends there persuaded of cats to mutate in mice.