Medical Care

These include the daily care of textiles, clothing and footwear and housing. Ways and means of establishing personal relationships in the family, group, public disclosed in the subjects' family 'and' Culture of behavior. " Children are taught how to behave at the table in a store, transport and t.d.Vazhnuyu role shaping the children and skills development to use means of communication, transport, shops and medical help. These skills form when those "Transport", "Trade," "Communication", "Medical Care." Lessons on social orientation conducted with children primary and secondary group 1 time per week, with children older and a preparatory group twice a week. Organize these activities so that children have the opportunity to observe the actions of adults and participated in them.

Of great importance is the gradual formation of skills, providing the simplest to master at first, and then more complex actions. Tiflopedagog method uses the phase display and refinement of all elements actions with each child. It is also used verbal regulation and correction actions of children. Visual aids for lessons on social orientation is chosen in view of obtaining high-sided information about objects or phenomena being studied. Children are introduced to the subjects of the nearest environment, teach them to perform certain actions in accordance with the appointment. Submissions received expanded and fixed in specially organized didactic and narrative role-playing games, on trips and talks. For knowledge and skills in social and consumer orientation of the applied variety of instructional techniques: explanation, display, plot and role-playing games, excursions. A great place for special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation of the plot and play role-playing game.

In games, improved object-action, formed compensatory ways of knowing the world. During the games in an accessible and entertaining way assimilated standards generally accepted behavior, form of interaction and communication skills with peers and adults. Tiflopedagog in the process of implementing the program on social orientation has the following objectives: – To help children adapt to kindergarten .- To help children adapt to treatment and recovery process .- teach children to regulate their conduct in the elementary situations of life (in everyday life, in communicating with peers and adults) in accordance with generally accepted standards .- Prepare a solid foundation for successful self-employment of children in school. To achieve the identified objectives the following tasks: 1. The education of children of adequate representation of the outside world to based disorders (for visually impaired children with strabismus and amblyopia) or residual (blind children) and vision intact analyzers in children of all kategoriy.2. The education of children the ability to comprehend and reflect in speech perceived by their subjects, their attributes, properties, kachestva.3. Teaching children to understand and correct reflection of the essence of speech events and yavleniy.4. Development in children visual-spatial adaptation (ie required volume of spatial concepts and skills, if they can freely and independently navigate in space and communicate with their environment). 5. Implementation relationship maintenance special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation with general studies and with the work of carers with children in everyday life. Thus, in special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation of the children formed their understanding of their sensory capabilities, adequate self-esteem, the ability to orient himself in the simplest of household and social situations.