Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez

FRAY DIEGO TADEO GONZLEZ (1733-1794) returned to stay asleep, and seated me I found next to a fountain, looking at his very attentive murmur; and being funny there arrived hurriedly. Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez. THE voice of the PREACHER’s tone erotic love poetry of Fray Diego are directed to two women disguised with poetic names Melisa and Mirta, but that obviously hiding two real women of Cadiz and Seville. However, the life of Fray Diego was example of honesty. He loved how he met was friendly says his biographer-because it was good, and attempted to celebrate with his verses the heavenly gifts he admired in any beauty, but in some verses so pure and chaste as his soul.

Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez was born in Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca province, in 1733, and at eighteen took the habit of St. Augustine and professed in San Felipe el Real of Madrid. He studied in the capital of Spain and in Salamanca, held important positions in the Augustinian order, He became Inspector General of Andalusia, Prior of loa convents of Salamanca, Pamplona and Madrid, Secretary of the province of Castile and Rector of the Colegio de Dona Maria de Aragon. Fray Diego had since childhood passion of poetry, which was formed to reading, to learn them from memory, the great Latin Classics and Spanish, particularly Horacio and Fray Luis de Leon. Like this, he liked to retire, provided that it was possible, to the orchard of the arrow, where enjoyed reminding the master who managed to imitate with notable approximation. Along with Melendez Valdes, was the most important poet of the salmantine School of the 18th, for example stimulated Cadalso and Jovellanos. He was also known with the poetic name of Delium. Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez died in Madrid on 10 September 1794. Fray Diego was a tender and delicate, character who loved, who treated him, by its plain modesty and kindness.