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Parents of Adolescents

Currently the society if comes across with more adolescent situations where they are observed each time with attitudes and positions that are not habitually natural, are violent acts and of brutality, either it in classroom or the familiar seio, in many cases they are motivated by the use of the drugs and you substantiate narcotics. It is basic that the parents look for to guide with more privacy an adolescent living a complete linking with its children, however if does not know to the certainty what really it takes the adolescents to use eventually or continues substantiates them called of psychoactive. Each human being possesss its characteristics and its mediaes to know to deal with the diverse situations that occur in the day the day, however the young needs to find an environment familiar that is capable of support the lived deeply crises and that it supports the eventualities that can occur during these possible ones transformations and modifications in the development process. The great challenge currently of the Brazilian families is to show to the parents who the values still continue functioning and that they had not died that such values had been transmitted of father for son and grandson, are a net where all are linked and that a breached relation can cause serious crises of identity. In a question-answer forum Dr. Mark Hyman was the first to reply. With the existence of institutions gifts in the daily one of the individuals as schools, churches, work, community and media, the family is called as the main agent in the reproduction of knowing and the universal development of the individual. I dialogue between the parents is basic for an awareness on a healthful life, an environment that does not provide leisure and chance for the development of the individual can lead to the use of the drugs. The family and the school have an important paper in the prevention to the use of the drugs for adolescents the best weapon against the drugs are prevention, not if she must wait that an adolescent develops a picture of chemical dependence so that the subject ‘ ‘ drogas’ ‘ either finally boarded in house. Drugs are a subject to be argued inside of the family, the parents do not have to be scared with the questions or to have distrust of answers them, one dialogues has that to start in house, in the same way it is the school cannot wait that the problem appears in the classroom, we perceive that the majority of the adolescents looks to the drugs for curiosity the best form to hinder this advance is through the information.


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