But it takes the way very well-taken care of it is of great volume and it can costs its survival. Revolt of fast and efficient form was directed for the door and immediately it started to tread its way, when completing the end of the third day, it had passed for as many barriers, it faced the egoism, the disaffection, and was capable to win its proper fear. When arriving at the end of its passage Revolt of far it sighted the old Wisdom, and quickly it was come close kneel itself saying: – Wisdom master of all the scholars of – me the agreement of what it is happiness? Wisdom quickly with its calm and calm voice, said: – It goes to north of this mountain where a pretty field of flowers exists called Perfection, exists all there the types of flowers and of the most extinct species, it searchs with it I assist of the gardener the reply that as much searchs and returns immediately to this exactly local, where we are talking. Wisdom before Revolt initiated its day, informed, to carry through this passage will go to enter accurate 15 days, moreover, the time necessary to find the reply that as much searchs. Passed the 15 days Revolt it said the gardener: I am Revolt and I came the order of the master Wisdom and search the agreement of what really it is happiness? The gardener quickly searched in its closet a great book of black layer, that catalogued all the species of flowers that if found planted in that field. Passed three days the gardener he said: – He looks at for this line has a blank space I have all the flowers that can exist less is that as much looks for, returns immediately and speaks with Wisdom, therefore it will only be able to indicate to it what to make.