World Cup

A Greek or Trojan soldier into combat not moved (to follow the reference) If an Eagle gave a bad flying in the sky; or if the viscera of a slaughtered bird revealed something sinister. Not to be by the Octopus Paul of the recent World Cup, which was right all results that predicted, not seems to be in the present sources reliable prediction, as corresponds to a time so scientific and shredder of myths which that vivimios. The distrust of everything, even of those vates that you advise, we end up relying on ourselves, almost exclusively, as well corresponds to a modern and post-modern era which advocates to reason as the gift personal, divine and up to contradivino. There are no gods. And so the tale, us is not to us more than ourselves, i.e. reason, logic, the aid of science, political and social. As said our philosopher J.R. Guillent Perez, speaking of the Greeks, by the way, and the message of his philosophy: the man has to be free, has to live without gods.

So the analysis we have to try to predict the future, the consideration in cold the facts, in the middle of the deployment of a mental act very contrary to the implicated in any surrealist or chaotic theory, it observes the Suppression of reason. More how much if you intend to augur is our own security. It exaggerates the effect of a simple visit for the sake of a long-awaited chance of death President Hugo Chavez has been invited to attend the inauguration of the new President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos; and apparently, as it has projected toward the media, the first judge debate is between going or not. No doubt an audacious Act, no more thinking about it, the more in their hesitation. Logic and reason, which is what we have left, as we said, shout temperance, coldness into consideration.