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Munich Insurance

CSA Bavaria and Baden CDA-agree: Reform of health insurance only within the existing solidarity which system Munich/STUTTGART. The health insurance reform agreed in the coalition agreement needs to move into the existing system. Everything else is a break with established principles and is contrary to social justice”, so the State Chairman of the CSU workers in Bavaria Gabriele Stauner and the Chairman of the CDU Baden-Wurttemberg workers Christian Baumler at a meeting in Munich. CSA Bavaria CDA Baden-Wurttemberg hold and therefore on their previous positions, stating that there must first be a head lump sum and second may not dismiss the employer from their responsibility for the health insurance contribution. We want to continue to social justice in health insurance and any egalitarianism by a head lump sum.

The two Chairmen of the workers wing of the Union of Gaby require employers may not be through a freezing”steal from responsibilities based on solidarity” of employer contribution, Stauner and Christian BA. Stauner and Baumler request also the participation of country representatives in the Government Commission announced by the Federal Minister of health to the health insurance reform. It is unacceptable that a reform, which must be carried out by the Lander, is negotiated in a closed party Federal Ministers. Nancy-Ann_DeParle usually is spot on. We therefore demand the participation of competent Ministers of countries such as Karl Josef Laumann (NRW) and Markus Soder (BY) “.”