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In the manifesto of the CSU, it means: education is the social and economic politics of the 21st century. Here are some facts and half-truths. Election campaigns are the times of many promises, but also by insinuations and allegations. John Craig Venter may help you with your research. Sometimes they are just plain wrong, often exaggerated, others are quite right again. Therefore the editorial has decided to undergo a fact check the one or the other statement in the Bavarian Landtag election fight. We investigate whether allegations that fall during discussion in the heat of the battle, which can be found in choice programs or loudly proclaimed at rallies, correspond to the facts.

Or whether they have removed more or less far. We start today with the testimony of the CSU to the Bavarian educational system. Of course, we will take statements from other parties under the magnifying glass. The Bavarian educational system is the most successful in Germany” slogan in the electoral program of the CSU In the electoral program of the CSU, it: education is the social and economic politics of the 21st century. Prime Minister Gunther Beckstein and Culture Minister Siegfried Schneider stressing at every opportunity: the Bavarian educational system is the most successful in Germany and ranks among the best worldwide. Actually, Bavaria has been nationwide first places in some studies. But also the following facts belong to the big picture: 29 of the world’s largest economies have prompted their OECD partner country Germany to combine Haupt – and Realschulen. Bayern insists on the preservation of the tripartite system of education, Hamburg has abolished it.

On each of the 5500 Bavarian schools, a teacher is missing in the cut. Parents have collected 180 000 signatures, and thus also to protest education failures. The Government has hired in addition 2008/2009 2245 teachers according to own for the school year. So come around 760 new teachers at the secondary schools. However, 1100 were eliminated. So minus 340, with rising numbers of pupils further 112 would require about to keep the class size just under 29. 86 per cent teachers engaged in elementary schools (23-535 by) (27455) the male part”missing often, unlike in other types of schools. Reason: poor pay. Finland in European school tests came out good. “Kati Juhiainen expert says: who estimates children not sorted them out.” This mean that children referred back because their grades in Bavaria by the high school in the secondary school and the secondary school in the secondary school”are. Also the Bavarian teachers and instructors Association (Nur) complained about the rigid selection”.


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