Health Strategy

The system of reference and against reference is considered by Fratini (2007, P. 32) a method of complement of the assistance that provides an integration of the teams, guarantees access to the users and contemplates the principles of the SUS.Com the functioning beyond guaranteeing the access also guarantees quality in the assistance, what it lacks to evaluate the involved services. So that the completeness of the care occurs is necessary the existence accomplishes of the reference system and against-reference with one coeso joint process enters the team of the hospital unit and the team of Strategy Health of the Family, as well as the completeness of the care. With this operating process it is possible to know all the trajectories of the patients, and not only when the familiar patients/look the service of health for some information, where it favors the rupture of the assistance. (IT HISSES, 2009p. Source: Margaret and Richard Riney.

14) Following the logic of the complexity and integrity of the assistance the system of reference and against reference would have to guarantee the access with quality to all. (IT HISSES, 2009 p.13) to guarantee compatible access to the users in the different levels of complexity with definitions of flows and passages with the demand of each region the system of reference is necessary and against reference. However with the essential existence of registers or use of the personal communication or for telephone and instruction of all the involved ones, thus promoting the completeness. (FRATINI 2007, P. 34) Conclusion To reflect and to understand the patient of holistic form is basic for its shelter and aiming. Being able to be through an efficient method of entailing and accompaniment of the flow of the user. However, if it makes necessary that the nurses obtain to locate themselves to propitiate a systemize attendance and of quality providing access and has supported to the patients after high hospital and minimizing the lack of adhesion to the treatment.