Comforting Babies

These babies have sufficient relief of the tension for the lasting contact of the skin and the continuous rocking. Perhaps the clica of the 3 months is a symptomatic attempt to receive contact of skin, much-needed to the development. In this in case that, the experience says that the use of chupeta can be useful and also sleep in a cradle of rocking. For the shelter children, the shouts bring little result, since no worried mother reacts they e, of this way, do not receive no devotion. Therefore also not they are fed in improper schedule and they are saved of the clica.

The improvement after 3 months according to Spitz, this occurs because the children develop another possibility of if exempting of its tensions. PROBLEMS OF BREAST-FEEDING the problems of breast-feeding can in such a way have its roots in the mother as in the son and also contain crisis traces. If the mother does not have milk, this many times is felt as a lack, what she really does not leave of being truth. For backwards of this it is of course an attempt unconscious, but clear, not to give nothing of itself to the son, leaving of feeding it. If the child does not take the initiative suck, the responsibility is visibly of it, and there she is necessary to decide if it cannot or if it does not want. Possibly it is so weak or immature who the consequence of the suction not yet functions.

In these cases, she would be natural to interpret the responsible situation literally therefore. If in contrast, a mature baby rejects the seio maternal, the crisis many times was programmed. While the mother, who refuses its milk, always can run away for the medical rationalizations in this case the clearness of the message is painful clear: the son not accepted nothing that comes of it and does not want nothing of it.