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Albert Lights – Used Albert

The German outdoor lighting manufacturer gebr. Albert uses new techniques for the surface treatment. Regardless the shape and design of luminaires, Albert puts lights under the name FORMAFACE on a new surface sealing process for stainless steel lights. The visual appearance of the products is not influenced, so for the customer there is no difference between a standard stainless steel product and a FORMAFACE treated article is. So far are many stainless steel products electropolished Albert as standard, which is usually sufficient as surface protection for use in an aggressive atmosphere.

Albert FORMAFACE will introduce the new procedures at the next exhibition “Light and Building” in Frankfurt. Due to this newly developed surface treatment, all models can be so refine the materials against aggressive environmental influences, such as for example, in Lake-containing atmosphere, are better protected. Previous salt Chamber spray tests of level IV show this. So can the Albert A higher durability provide special treatment for its products in use in regions on the sea. Longevity has top priority in the production and development of luminaires with Albert for years. As the high-quality aluminum alloy specially designed for Albert and high-quality stainless steel, used by Albert to the light production materials most suitable for outdoor use only. An enamel in addition ensures a long durability of aluminium lamps. Also a paint in the RAL tone according to customer requirements is of course possible. We will gladly advise you! Contact usu0085


The massive House has a sturdy construction. The massive House has a long tradition and in the middle ages, massive House was build in the Act. These stone structures were the cities and today are witnessing an impressive construction. Windows and doors at that time were made of wood, which were inserted with a frame. At the present time, these houses are still pronounced popular with many builders. The massive House determined the landscape in Germany and across Europe.

So a massive house building is the desire of many future Eigentumer.Heute the massive House has exterior walls made of concrete. This will build on the massive House used bricks, sand-lime bricks. Also a modern thermal insulation is installed with and lower heating and energy costs so dramatically. Many builders place where massive House build on a basement. Many useful things can be put, as the heating system at this point. The massive house building takes a bit longer than the setting up of the prefabricated house. Individual wishes can but be implemented in a massive House.

Also the Roof design is individually in a massive House. Many owners opt for a two-storeyed house. This is enough space for the entire family. Also at Massivhaus can be built two completed apartments building. The living room is not even required, this apartment can be rented. That brings revenue straight for young families. The consumption itself can be used later. Massivhaus build also a great value is placed on the grounds. At this point we also a terrace with set equal to. This is additional living room and in the summer, the family can spend much time on the terrace. Many builders are joining this trend of house construction. Volkmar Schone

DETAILonline Promotes Young Architects

Architecture students the HS Munich DETAILonline exhibition stand to develop construction 2009 DETAILonline promote young architects. As a modern and dynamic information medium for architects, in particular DETAILX – is the community for architecture students – an important Advisor in the academic life. With the project DETAILonline exhibition stand 2009 “, allows to implement motivated students that chance not only to plan a project, but also the online division of DETAIL. The DETAILonline booth was k. in a workshop project headed by Robert Huber, future noise GbR, in collaboration with a team of students of the University of Munich and Professor Bucher. Numerous designs and drawings, DETAILonline treecycling chose the design”by Thomas Mayr contactor. It is characterized by simple and sustainable materials, such as mdf and discarded Christmas trees.

Requirements and development that were also the requests of the students: to differentiate itself from conventional stalls, this inexpensive to operate and at the same time Trends and current issues in the construction industry to enter. From new year’s, Christmas trees are no longer needed. Their further processing as a building material for the exhibition stand was the environmentally friendly idea of DETAILonline. The arrangement of trees in perforated floor tiles allows a tremendous variability of the stand and characterized by creativity and individuality. The issue of sustainability, energy efficiency and flexibility are present at this stage in the highest degree. The DETAILonline is booth during construction 2009, January 12, 2009 to January 17, 2009, at the western entrance to stand 11. DETAILonline DETAIL – Institute for international architecture documentation GmbH + Co. KG sonnenstrasse 17 80331 Munich T: + 49 (0) 89-38 16 20 – 0 F: + 49 (0) 89-38 16 20-99