Important section of the Colorado River Bridge completed in less than a year to released the bridge for the traffic be the Hoover Dam on the outskirts of the desert metropolis Las Vegas is the passage most used by truckers and motorists across the Colorado River in the Black Canyon so far. Every day, more than 14,000 vehicles cross the River this way, why the traffic there often just tough going. Many switchbacks and street narrowing on the track do the rest. The construction of the Colorado River Bridge also Hoover Dam bypass”called to solve this problem: downstream is 460 meters U.S. Highway 93 starting in 2010 the Colorado River pass. The basic structure of the bridge consists of two parallel, self-supporting concrete arches with a span of more than 320 meters.

With its completion at the end of the month one of the most important sections of the construction is done already. The concrete arches must be free in the coming weeks so far supporting cable system, before the actual Road will be built, and with the U.S. Highway 93 can be connected. In less than a year, then is expected with the opening ceremony of the road section. The 610-metre Colorado River Bridge construction work began in January 2005. After completion, the bridge will connect 460 meters South of the Hoover Dam the US States of Nevada and Arizona. Travelers can then easily on the two-lane U.S. Highway 93 across the Colorado River in almost 300 meters height.

“An overview of all the Hoover Dam bypass” comprehensive project construction, as well as images and full details about the timing of construction work can be found in the Internet under. General information on at Nevada.


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