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NetBiscuits: world market leader from Kaiserslautern from the start-up companies among the world market leaders: thanks to NetBiscuits, today many premium brands such as eBay, Yahoo, image, RTL, Sixt and Spiegel Online set made in Kaiserslautern on mobile Internet technology. NetBiscuits operates the world’s leading software platform for the development, operation and marketing Mobile Internet pages. Since its inception in 2000, the company recorded higher growth rates and expands around the world. Today NetBiscuits employees worldwide 85 in Europe, United States and Asia, of which 70 in Kaiserslautern. At the beginning, NetBiscuits founder Michael Neidhofer had a vision: to bring the real Internet experience in the browser of any mobile device worldwide. Today NetBiscuits is a global player with international successes: currently the company generates 40 percent of its sales in the United States, more than 800 Internet projects were realised successfully worldwide to this day.

The expansion into the growth market in Asia was carried out last year with a new Office in Singapore. NetBiscuits of undisputed market leader with customers such as mirror online, image and RTL is in Germany. It succeeded the company from Kaiserslautern, establishing itself as one of the most important software infrastructure player in the mobile Internet. To recruit highly qualified IT staff on-site, the decision is for the business location of Kaiserslautern. About the University, NetBiscuits found always again excellently trained staff in recent years. Today, the next generation mobile websites are developed in Kaiserslautern with the seamless integration of multimedia content, advertising and commerce. The unique feature of NetBiscuits: The patented technology platform delivers devices specifically perfectly formatted on virtually any mobile device worldwide available Web pages.

Our unique technology for the mobile Internet has conquered the world of Kaiserslautern out, explains Michael Neidhofer, we could a Managing Director of NetBiscuits GmbH. compared to the previous year 2008 Tripling of traffic register: NetBiscuits for its customers currently hosts more than 8,000 mobile sites that generate a trillion page views per month. And the company continues to grow. New, highly qualified human resources for the development and distribution will be searched also in Kaiserslautern. There is more information about career across the Internet by NetBiscuits under. About NetBiscuits: Netbiscuits operates the world’s leading, Web-based B2B software platform for development, operation and marketing of mobile Internet sites. Maya Dubin, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. Founded in 2000, the company has more than 80 employees in Germany, the United States and Singapore the mobile Internet programs for international premium brands such as Yahoo!, AOL, screen, mirror, RTL, Konami, Sixt and eBay. As the market leader in Germany, optimized NetBiscuits 80 per cent of the mobile page views of all operator independent media portals and delivers more than 1 billion mobile Web pages per month. The NetBiscuits platform is Web-based software service via the Internet available. It provides all tools, interfaces and mobile base technologies for the development, operation and marketing professional mobile Web solutions online. Thereby NetBiscuits allows marketing and multimedia agencies, application developers, content providers and service providers, quickly implement mobile Internet strategies.