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German Derivatives Association

Commercial offers of the Societe Generale machine certificates and leverage products are further the trend. This emerges derivatives group analysis of the European, given by the German Derivatives Association commissioned. So, the volume of investment certificates and leveraged products had increased in February of this year by 2.3 percent. The Exchange Portal reported about current trade offers and promotions. The German certificate market recorded a strong plus according to the Association.

The total volume is estimated at EUR 109.7 billion. The growing demand tracks also Societe Generale investment certificates and leveraged products. With new FreeTrade and flat fee campaigns increasingly aimed at new customers. The advantages of the investment instruments are obvious: in uncertain times, investors can profits thus in stagnant or slightly falling prices or above-average benefit from lasting trends. With FreeTrade – and flat fee campaigns, the Societe Generale in collaboration with some direct banks offered by the service for newcomers be improved now. In the respective periods, the Societe Generale that that with the corresponding direct banks low or no trading fees incurred benefit investors trade in products.

Personal Initiative

Credit comparison – comprehensive information is essential for the optimal selection of Berlin, 07.06.2011 – no matter whether installment loan for a major purchase (E.g., car or furniture), modernisation loan or mortgage for the realization of home ownership: who needs a loan, has spoilt for choice! A huge number of suppliers with as many credit variants compete for the favor of customers. It is not so easy to find the best and cheapest loan right away. Targeted individual situation (capital and income) and the exact needs should be determined before the request. Only in this way, the right financing concept can be found and then requested an offer from renowned banks. The interested party such as on the Internet at independent financial brokers will find effective help. They optimize the credit request before applying for (to a higher probability of the commitment to achieve) and filter out the best deal on the market. Any kind of credit request is supportive accompanied In addition to a larger market survey, knowledge and experience are necessary if the optimum credit on most favourable terms is to be found. Customized and angebotsoptimiert is the applicant up to the end of support – and this for free! The independent financial broker involves all major credit institutions here in the request.

The non-binding offer of credit occurs after receipt of tenders. The advantage of this approach is that – no matter whether rates credit for fulfilling a particular request or mortgage loan for the purchase or construction of real estate – is definitely an expert advice and assessment of credit opportunities and then appropriate and affordable deals can be presented. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. It is free the prospects, even collected offerings to compare this offer “on your own”. Often, it will however find that the offers of credit intermediaries are appropriate or convenient. Why are optimized queries from advantage the brokers? An independent Brokers already knows all the criteria that lead to obtaining the best conditions or to an ever positive credit decision on the part of credit institutions. He can perfectly adapt the desired credit or its individual arrangement therefore in advance of the request. In real estate financing there are, for example, fairly extensive criteria: funding opportunities can be used if necessary? It makes sense on the basis of the individual income situation of the interested party advanced Sondertilgungsmodalitaten in the contract to integrate? How should repayment rate and fixed-rate flexible? The brokers reviews and analyzes the individual situation, and can request to the various provider so an already optimized.

If necessary, even credit variants, like for example a forward loan (a loan with favorable interest rates for the future be backed up) can be useful. The result is a tailor-made concept for the desired financing on favourable terms. This know-how is of course the credit prospects for a “normal” rates credit to good. Conclusion whether installment loan or real estate financing: A loan comparison with an independent financial broker has many advantages over the pure ‘own initiative’: the broad base of expertise, as well as the excellent overview of the market allow you to create an individual financing concept for the best conditions on the market currently. In addition, this service is free of charge to the applicants. A single credit party has usually not the ways to achieve a comprehensive and specialized market and information overview advance. Easier, you can not save money! Installment loan with the lowest interest rate determine… more info loan comparison – personal initiative or financial broker loan calculator-

Sales Commission

Only 61prozent of investor capital actually invested in the ship which is owned and operated by “Frisia Rotterdam” by the Hartmann in the year 2004 issued a ship Fund MS in financial trouble. Investors hired in particular about the distributors banks capital AG and the Secunia financial Contor GmbH, who have invested almost 10 million in the Fund, are shooting to now more about 2.4 million. Current payment difficulties of the Fund are background. A leading source for info: Pat Ogden. Compared with the financing bank was to 31.12.2011 a backlog of eradication of 1.884.000 US$, as is provided in an advisory circular. Whether actually to help the badly battered ship funds, is questionable. In the face of looming not improving on the container shipping market, the principle governed here a little hope. 39% of the investors capital flowed in soft costs in the concept from the outset was due to the high cost of not investment on very shaky legs. Get more background information with materials from Glenn Dubin.

For 39% of the capital raised from the investors (limited plus premium) were invested in Interest, various service fees and commissions. Alone for the emission costs 20% of the investor’s capital were estimated. The investors according to the jurisprudence of the Federal Court of justice within the framework of the investment advice about the proportion of investor money that not investiv were used, both those which flowed in the Sales Commission, inform must be what is not often done. Only 61% of the investors capital actually invested by the 9.88 million, which raised investors in the ship, flowed so only good 6 million in the construction of the vessel of the Fund. Just once just under 19% are related to the construction price of MS “Frisia Rotterdam” by almost 32 million. Vice versa has this extremely high debt financing accounted for, so a relatively high borrowing and accordingly is a high load of the Fund with interest and principal payments to the result.

Metropolitan Berlin

All signs are back for a significant increase of the Berlin real estate market. Hamburg, December 13, 2010. The unbeatably cheap for decades in the West German comparison living room is becoming increasingly scarce, especially as the capital of a real estate property rate of 13 percent, far below the German average of 43 percent. The financial crisis slows but down construction activities continue. This aggravated the situation: the Federal Institute for construction, urban and spatial research for the years from 2010 to 2025 of a residential building supplies from 10,300 to 13.400 units annually originates. Annually, but less than 3,000 apartments were completed in the last five years. This sign of the times”has recognized United investors with its range of Metropolitan estates Berlin. Because the Hamburger initiator creates opportunities by the experiences of the Sanus foundations from now private investors in areas with the highest population and economic growth, namely Mitte, Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Pankow, offering his participation Beteiligungs AG to benefit.

The real estate company in the market for 15 years has implemented, already more than 33 construction projects more than 1,200 residential units with a volume of 200 million euro in numbers. It’s the gross profit margin averaged 42 percent. As project developments, renovation objects as well as new buildings in question come here. In Mitte and Charlottenburg, already attractive ensembles in the Scharnhorststrasse and Seesener Street were selected, that can be quickly completed and sold. The first object of the Fund in the Scharnhorststrasse is at present already financed, so that investors can take any financial risks, but participate in the opportunities of this interesting real estate development. This residential complex is also one of Berlin’s future economic priorities. The demand in this area is greater than ever. The fund company plans in the acquisition of 20 million drawing capital, the it in full as a loan to the object Metropolitan Berlin real estate company & Co.

KG end mature, fixed loan with a maturity sufficient until late 2014. The loan is collateralized mortgage and interest rate of 8.5 percent per year. Interest and amortization payments be made starting in 2012 from the first sale of the project. In addition to the interest payments the Fund artist to one-third of the profits generated with the real estate projects participates. The typical secured loan solution gives the Fund artist doing an increased safety compared to conventional concepts of participation. For the year 2012, we expect a first payment of 10 per cent for the following year from 20. It is planned for 2014 to complete repatriation of the loan to make a final payment of 107 per cent, which is based on the runtime of a high double-digit return expectation per year”, Hauke Bruhn explains the concept as Managing Director of United investors. The calculated total reflux means sees after return of investor capital of 137 percent itself NET, i.e.