Special Vendor Sales

Sets sound cash.-hit list ‘ as a single special sales for closed-end funds in the placement result 2009 Tubingen / 16.06.2010. It is expected each year eagerly: the cash.-hit list on the results in the sales of pension products and closed-end funds. For the first time, the leading trade magazine cash is different. in distributors, allowing testing their numbers by an accountant or auditor and those who just do not. Fairvesta International GmbH, based in Tubingen with a Commission proceeds by audited 12,11 million euros is the only special sales for closed-end funds, which could put in the crisis year 2009. Also, no provider that not testing his numbers dropped, could beat this result. Cash. “headlined with the critical heading: sales nil”.

Not so with fairvesta. The fairvesta International GmbH is the sales company of the fairvesta group of companies and thus bound to initiator. The distribution via licensing systems inter alia in Germany, Austria, France and the Switzerland. The licensee can trust on a wide support in terms of organisational and sales. Great value is fairvesta but also on his Academy.

So only resellers can be who has undergone extensive training with recognized examination. Also in the year 2010 we started very well and achieved a sales increase of 68 per cent anyway all right last year in the first five months”, says Otmar Knoll as a leader for distribution in Europe. And for Oliver Kuhlmann, which is available since a few months for sales in Germany, confirmed that the fairvesta principle increasingly prevails in Germany. Us to expand significantly within a few weeks at the sales partner links and in terms of sales”, he says. For the real estate specialists Knoll more becomes clear once that fairvesta with a fair return on investment while real estate collateral in the current market environment increasingly can score. The balance is important: so could in the last 8 years that always meet expectations in the company, usually even exceed fairvesta. Currently offers fairvesta three product lines: the Fund group of Mercatus with the concept of cheap purchasing of real estate and the short-term sales with a profit so the progressive real estate trade. Chronos, a somewhat longer-term real estate participation, with high rental income and a short-term debt with a conservative investment strategy. And lumis, the favourable acquisition of selected luxury real estate in holiday locations, with the proviso that to realize profit potential through appropriate restoration and a dynamic investment strategy. All three fund groups follow the approach that the profit from real estate is now in the bargain. Information about the company:


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