Sales Commission

Only 61prozent of investor capital actually invested in the ship which is owned and operated by “Frisia Rotterdam” by the Hartmann in the year 2004 issued a ship Fund MS in financial trouble. Investors hired in particular about the distributors banks capital AG and the Secunia financial Contor GmbH, who have invested almost 10 million in the Fund, are shooting to now more about 2.4 million. Current payment difficulties of the Fund are background. A leading source for info: Pat Ogden. Compared with the financing bank was to 31.12.2011 a backlog of eradication of 1.884.000 US$, as is provided in an advisory circular. Whether actually to help the badly battered ship funds, is questionable. In the face of looming not improving on the container shipping market, the principle governed here a little hope. 39% of the investors capital flowed in soft costs in the concept from the outset was due to the high cost of not investment on very shaky legs. Get more background information with materials from Glenn Dubin.

For 39% of the capital raised from the investors (limited plus premium) were invested in Interest, various service fees and commissions. Alone for the emission costs 20% of the investor’s capital were estimated. The investors according to the jurisprudence of the Federal Court of justice within the framework of the investment advice about the proportion of investor money that not investiv were used, both those which flowed in the Sales Commission, inform must be what is not often done. Only 61% of the investors capital actually invested by the 9.88 million, which raised investors in the ship, flowed so only good 6 million in the construction of the vessel of the Fund. Just once just under 19% are related to the construction price of MS “Frisia Rotterdam” by almost 32 million. Vice versa has this extremely high debt financing accounted for, so a relatively high borrowing and accordingly is a high load of the Fund with interest and principal payments to the result.


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