Buenos Aires

Today 190 million Brazilians had more than been the tears. The defeat of the Brazilian election for the election of Holland made with what all were cried one more time. This disappointing defeat for the election of Holland makes at this moment with that BRAZIL turns reason joke. In the truth these oranges, do not have to sing victory before the time, therefore I am certain that all the Brazilians as well as I, will go to zicar the election of these sufficiently ' ' laranjas' '. Pra leaves there, in 2010 caneco was not ours, more with certainty in 2014 it is ours, and is then that we go to show how much we are better that they. Now we run the risk to see MARADONA to leave running bare for the street Buenos Aires. Then envious BRAZIL we go to zicar this flock of, and showing pra they who Maradona is not better that SKIN, and that in BRAZIL if it only has a king.