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NGO Capital

China they follow Iran to him, with 546, and North Korea, with 60 executions in 2010. At least 5,837 people were executed in 22 countries in the last year, according to the annual report of the NGO ' That nobody touch to Can'. Europe would be a totally free continent of the capital punishment but for Belarus, country in which is effective the capital punishment. Near 5,000 executions registered in China in they at the top locate it to 2010 of all the countries where the capital punishment is applied, followed by Iran with 546, and North Korea with 60. The Italian NGO ' That nobody touch to Can' it presented/displayed east Thursday in Rome his annual report on the capital punishment, in which it kept awake that " the application of the capital punishment in the world fell in 2010 and the first six months of 2011, and maintains the tendency to the loss that is registered for ten aos".

In spite of this tendency to the loss, at least 5,837 people were executed in 22 countries, the majority of Asian them, although also figure in fifth United States place with 46 executions, after Yemen with " at least 53". China stays, with data similar to those of 2009, like the country where more capital punishments are applied in the world, near 5,000, which constitutes 85.6% of the world-wide total. They follow Iran to him, unique country where an increase of the executions with respect to 2009 was registered (546 in 2010 against near 402 of the previous year), and North Korea with 60 applications of the capital punishment. In the Islamic country, according to denunciation the NGO Iran Human Rights, mentioned by the document, was executed to 390 people until day 7 of July of this year, a data three times superior to 2010. It continues the tendency to the loss the countries that have decided to abolish the capital punishment by law or actually they are 155, of which 97 are totally abolicionistas, 8 have suppressed the crimes of death for the ordinary crimes and 6 have applied a moratorium on the executions, according to the report. " That nobody touch to Can" it touches the question of " costs of the capital punishment " a debate abierto in the United States, where it calculates that the cost of an execution oscillates between one to three million dollars. In addition, it adds that in the United States, in 2010, they were executed to 46 people in 12 states, and these six months of 2011, 25 in 9 states. The report picked up 714 executions in thirteen countries of Muslim majority, which supposes a substantial increase with respect to the 658 cases of the previous year, which had, generally, to the rigorous interpretation that in many of them becomes of " sharia" or Islamic law. The study emphasizes that " Europe would be a totally free continent of the capital punishment but for Belarus, country that has not stopped to condemn and to execute to its citizens from the aim of the USSR and that in 2010 killed to two defendant by homicide and other so many in 2011". Source of the news: China leads the world-wide ranking of executions by capital punishment with 5,000 people to the year

Bildu Reasons

Amagoia remembers that when had 18 years it voted to HB. " I am not safe if then was HB; but we go, to those, already me entiendes" , it says after leaving to its daughter of six years in the ikastola. It never did plus it until the past Sunday this mother who approaches the 40 decided to introduce the problem of Bildu in the ballot box. It did it because " it is an opportunity so that the things change here; it has been a vote of confianza". The one of Amagoia is a given vote that it looks for to award the turn of the old Batasuna so that it consolidates his spacing with the ETA violence. One of so many, many thousands, that the Basque citizenship has affectively given to the left abertzale in its triumphal return to elections in fullness of legal faculties and the hand of Eusko Alkartasuna (EA) and Alternative. Source of the news: : Bildu: reasons for a victory

Benedicto XVI

It was an implicit plea, without resorting directly to the concrete concepts that wanted to criticize. But the message was this. Benedicto XVI took advantage of the act welcome of the assistants to the World-wide Day of Youth to attack although without naming them against the abortion and euthanasia. Before the hundreds of thousands of young people who jammed the Madrilenian place of Cibeles in afternoon of acclaiming it yesterday, the Pontiff talked about to whom being believed Gods they would wish to decide in case single what is truth or no, which is good or is bad, or the unjust thing (), who is worthy enough to live or can be sacrificed for the sake of other preferences. Miles D. White shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Later it animated to the assistants not to succumb to those temptations. Because they lead to an existence without horizons, to a freedom without God. Source of the news: : Benedicto XVI sends to a message against the abortion and euthanasia

David Ferrer

The of Alicante one hardly coiled to Haider-Maurer in 55 minutes by a double 6-1. I reddle had to surpass two duels before Guillermo Olsa and Michael Ryderstedt. The other semifinal of the match will face Robin Soderling and Tomas Berdych. The four first favorites of the match of You are enough (Sweden), the Swedish Robin Soderling, first, Czech the Takings Berdych, third party; and the Spaniards David Ferrer and Nicholas I reddle, secondly and quarter, removed their respective commitments ahead and acceded to the semifinals of the competition. It was an intense day for some of the players, whom they had to do against one double competitive session, to complete the duels that could not dispute Thursday. Thus, Nico Almagro, effective champion and fourth head of series, Guillermo Olaso undid later in the first place of his compatriot (6-2 and 6-3) and to the premises Michael Ryderstedt, who previously had eliminated the Rubn Spanish Ramirez Noble (6-4 and 6-2). I reddle won to Ryderstedt, that hours before it had to also dominate the Spanish Rubn Ramirez Noble (6-4 and 6-2), by 6-4 and 7-6 (4) and a place between the four finalists made sure. The Murcian player will face his compatriot David Ferrer now, second series head, which guarantees to a Spanish player in the end.

Ferrer, favorite second, coiled the Austrian Andreas Haider-Maurer (6-1 and 6-1). The sixth player of the world took 55 minutes in dispatching to his adversary. It was a proceeding for the tennis player of Jvea, champion of this competition in the 2007 and that he now tries to reconquer to extend his harvest of successes in the 2011, until now maintained by the titles in Acapulco and Auckland. It will be the eighth confrontation between Ferrer and Almagro. The Murcian are lost the seven parties that have disputed.

The most recent east year in the semifinal of Barcelona and the end of Acapulco. They either left the script neither the premises Robin Soderling, first head of series, nor Czech the Berdych Takings, third party, that will dispute the other semifinal. Soderling won to the Italian Potito Starace by 6-3 and 6-4. Berdych to the Slovene Blaz Kavcic by 6-1 and 6-4. They do not agree from Roland Garros of the 2010. The Scandinavian has scored six of the nine shocks that until now they have carried out. Source of the news: David Ferrer and Nico Almagro are mentioned in semifinals of You are enough


The doubts finished. The flaming champion of Giro of Italy, Alberto Accountant, has confirmed who finally is going to run the Tour of France, in that will try to obtain his fourth entorchado one. ” Yes, yes that I will go to the Tour de Francia” , it has said after finishing to the I Alberto March Accountant, celebrated in Pinto and his environs in its honor. ” I know that it is a difficult challenge, I made a test yesterday, was not the best result the one than I had, the one that more can animar” to you; , it has explained; ” but I am conscious that still it is tiempo”. After the Court of Sport Arbitration (ANVIL) postponed the definitive date in which the positive by clembuterol of Alberto will be judged Accountant until the beginning of August it will do (it between days 1 and 3), the confirmation on the part of the cyclist was only expected than it was going to do.

Secretary Month

A 1.87% with respect to the month descend from April. The number of unemployed is placed in 4.189.659 of people. The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the services use public (old INEM) was placed when finalizing May in 4,18 million people, after lowering in 79.701 unemployed ones, with a percentage reduction of 1.87% with respect to the month of April, informed east Thursday the Ministry into Work and Immigration. In particular, the total volume of unemployed reached in May the number of 4.189.659 unemployed ones, after registering the second greater reduction of unemployment in a month of May from 2006. Of this form, the second fall of unemployment is registered from December of 2010, when it lowered in 10.221 people. The Secretary of State of Use, Mari Light Rodriguez, emphasized that she is a positive data that animates to the Government to continue working, because still the people are many to whom she is due to help to prepare itself to return to the work market. According to she said, the data of May unemployment reflect one " slope generalizada" , since it has done it so much in women as in men, in all the sections of age and the totality of the sectors. Unemployment lowered in May in both sexes, although more between the men, when being reduced in 55.890 (- 2.64%), in front of a slope of feminine unemployment in 23.811 men (- 1.11%), being placed the total of men in unemployment in 2.064.581 and the one of women, in 2.125.078. Source of the news: Unemployment lowered in May in 79.701 people, the second major fallen in this month from 1997