David Ferrer

The of Alicante one hardly coiled to Haider-Maurer in 55 minutes by a double 6-1. I reddle had to surpass two duels before Guillermo Olsa and Michael Ryderstedt. The other semifinal of the match will face Robin Soderling and Tomas Berdych. The four first favorites of the match of You are enough (Sweden), the Swedish Robin Soderling, first, Czech the Takings Berdych, third party; and the Spaniards David Ferrer and Nicholas I reddle, secondly and quarter, removed their respective commitments ahead and acceded to the semifinals of the competition. It was an intense day for some of the players, whom they had to do against one double competitive session, to complete the duels that could not dispute Thursday. Thus, Nico Almagro, effective champion and fourth head of series, Guillermo Olaso undid later in the first place of his compatriot (6-2 and 6-3) and to the premises Michael Ryderstedt, who previously had eliminated the Rubn Spanish Ramirez Noble (6-4 and 6-2). I reddle won to Ryderstedt, that hours before it had to also dominate the Spanish Rubn Ramirez Noble (6-4 and 6-2), by 6-4 and 7-6 (4) and a place between the four finalists made sure. The Murcian player will face his compatriot David Ferrer now, second series head, which guarantees to a Spanish player in the end.

Ferrer, favorite second, coiled the Austrian Andreas Haider-Maurer (6-1 and 6-1). The sixth player of the world took 55 minutes in dispatching to his adversary. It was a proceeding for the tennis player of Jvea, champion of this competition in the 2007 and that he now tries to reconquer to extend his harvest of successes in the 2011, until now maintained by the titles in Acapulco and Auckland. It will be the eighth confrontation between Ferrer and Almagro. The Murcian are lost the seven parties that have disputed.

The most recent east year in the semifinal of Barcelona and the end of Acapulco. They either left the script neither the premises Robin Soderling, first head of series, nor Czech the Berdych Takings, third party, that will dispute the other semifinal. Soderling won to the Italian Potito Starace by 6-3 and 6-4. Berdych to the Slovene Blaz Kavcic by 6-1 and 6-4. They do not agree from Roland Garros of the 2010. The Scandinavian has scored six of the nine shocks that until now they have carried out. Source of the news: David Ferrer and Nico Almagro are mentioned in semifinals of You are enough