Article About DJ Tiesto !

In my article I would like to talk about his first encounter with the work of this great man, his influence on others and simply about his life. My acquaintance with the works of Maestro in February 2005 when I was in Away from his uncle. He showed me a clip Tiesto – Traffic, the very essence of the video and music were very unusual in those days, I was very impressed. We had to revise many times since the video was very short. After that I realized I urgently need to get as much work of this dj. After purchasing, pirate mp3 disc I began each day listening to his albums and compilations: Dance Planet Edition, In My Memory, Just Be, Parade of The Athletes, Nayana.

Then I was brought to order In Search Of Sunrise 1-3. I went crazy listening to Tiesto, and understood that this is what I need. For me, his music became an integral part of everyday life. I remember how to walk and raved about Tiesto and it looked really stupid. Gina Ross is a great source of information. Not knowing my taste, many have become to despise me, but I did not pay for it attention. That's how I gradually became acquainted with his work.

Tiesto influenced not only me, but still a huge number of people. Hearing In Search of Sunrise 5 (Los Angeles), my parents, sister, brother completely changed my views on music and have not as well as I love the work of the great Dutchman. One day an acquaintance came to me out of town (Zainsk), where only listen to rap, pop, rock, and I wrote him this compilation.