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Moscow Rock Laboratory

In the following year – the beginning of civilized (meaning civil) period in the development group: NAIVE is a member of the Moscow Rock Laboratory, and in 1990, NAIVE released his first album ‘Switch-Blade Knaife’ on the American label ‘MaximumRock’N’Roll’. The album sold well in America, enough just to say that it had in my record collection, Kurt Cobain, not just saying that ‘it is best that he knows about Russia. ” The debut album NAIVE ‘Switch-Blade Knaife’ (Fink) “(1990) months stayed in the charts of national radio stations and took sixth in sales among the most popular in the USSR album of punk-rock followed by a second album NAIVE ‘Beer for Naive’ followed by a tour of Europe, organized by the Danish firm Subvert Productions in 1993: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Italy – a total of 40 concerts (of which 10 are with a group of Coffin Break from Seattle, and one speech in Berlin with groups Coffin Break and DOA).

In the New Year’s Eve NAIVE participates in the ‘first night with Oleg Menshikov‘ on NTV with its own version of the song pop singer Valeria ‘Chasiki’. January 30, the club point is the 7th Festival ‘punks in the city. ” For the first time the festival has been invited Western group.


I am a big fan of the series "Sex and the City." I watched every episode series for at least 2 times, and some of them and more. Despite this I still watch re-Series, and I'm really looking forward to this film. I went to the movies with the best intentions. I really wanted to see the movie worthwhile. Unfortunately, the movie did not have any relationship to a witty series. The characters seem like caricatures rather than on themselves. There were very few lines that give a glimpse of the old smart dialogue, but they were lost in a mass of useless lines about love and friendship that you rarely come across even in a sugary Hollywood movie.

Serial fond of his honesty to sexual problems, the tests of life and daring characters. The show was about sex. Movies about love and touches the topic with the weakest, most saccharine and disappointing point of view. In general, the movie was beautiful and glamorous. As a result, four friends get what they want out of life. Happy end.