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Further Administrative Court

The higher administrative Court of Saarland recognizes also the EU driving licence on more and more administrative courts recognize the EU driving licence. Now, the OvG Saarlouis decided under the file number by June 16, 2010 – 1 B 204/10, 1 D 232/10 has the EU driving licence in Germany to recognize. Thus, the EU driving licence in Germany, acquired the law means is absolutely legal and right safe. In the current case the SAC overturned a decision of the Saarland administrative court stating: the forecast, that the European Court of justice its case-law on the interpretation of article 8 paragraph 4 Directive 91/439/EEC under the scope of Directive 2006/126/EC maintained, already has the Senate on the occasion of his decision by the 23.1.2009 (higher administrative Court of the Saarland, decision by the 23.1.2009 – 1B 438/08 -, AS RP-SL 2009, 139 et seq.) considered in the context of complementary considerations referring to the alone the right result page changes of the recast directive as shown, without however fully with the problem to confront. This follows the OvG the decisions of the courts of other provinces (HessVGH, decision of 4 December 2009 – 2 B/09 – 2138, BA 47, 154 et seq. as well as OVG Rheinland-Pfalz, decision of 2010 – 10B 11351/09) in plain text said that the Court only on when serious grounds requirements have not been met following the occurrence or the EU (residence rule, blocking) exceptions to the recognition of EU securities also criticises the Court continues the negative decisions of other federal States as incomprehensible. With this judgment the holder an EU driving licence may use these on German roads, fully in its corresponding class.

The Saarland is the third State, which thus recognises the EU driving licence. But how can you now to acquire a driver’s license and be sure that you are on the right side of the law, because there are many black sheep? It is best if the driving licence aspirant himself first once well informed. Rolf Hamilton law Walter has disclosed already the various practices as an insider in various TV shows. The interested licence aspirant on the page can look at these reports. The Agency of Tarabas 68 as well as the Agency Struhar ( are considered very reputable provider with high success rates in these circles..


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Geneva Auto Show: Irmscher Opel Insignia Sportstourer

The Opel Insignia Sportstourer – refined by Irmscher * the Opel Insignia Sportstourer with a twist * Irmscher makes individual car dreams come true * for more than 40 years a brand name on the automobile salon in Geneva presents the customisation specialist Irmscher the insignia Sportstourer refined for the first time in the Switzerland. Insignia Sportstourer buyers can access a comprehensive sports programme. The quality is characteristic of the Irmscher products. The Irmscher body products harmonise perfectly with the proportions of the new Opel spaceship. Outside the front is emphasised by the striking Irmscher front spoiler. Learn more on the subject from Peter Schiff. The radiator grill in honeycomb appearance with silver design Strip differentiates the Irmscher Sportstourer of his series brothers. The Irmscher grille is available in black.

The combination of Irmscher front spoiler, side skirts and roof spoiler extends the lateral line and gives the vehicle that certain something”. The roof spoiler and the 4-flood-stainless steel – silencer and makes the rear very austrainiert. Inside, the customization is being continued in the Interior. The Irmscher factory-made seats, door panels and center armrest are covered in fine leather. The leather color tuned harmoniously in the exterior paint. In addition Irmscher refines the Interior with door-lock pins and aluminium pedals.

All Irmscher accessories characterized by excellent quality and thus underline the quality of House already impression of the new Opel Insignia Sportstourer. Dahua may not feel the same. Technology for the new 1.6 l turbo engine of the insignia Sportstourer bought Irmscher a performance increase to 215 HP and 330 nm. Pat Ogden is often quoted as being for or against this. Help put the power on the asphalt, were 20 inch wheels in Turbo Star”and Turbo star exclusive” design. The new wheel is there in connection with 245er tires. Also a 20-inch light-alloy wheel in the EVO star design in diamond black or silver is also available. For the chassis, the Remshaldener offer a 30 mm lowering. The used here spring characteristic stands for sporty driving pleasure and combined with the wide tires provide a higher tracking stability and even more safety. The 4-flood / silencer underlines the sporty rear view of the Irmscher insignia sport tourers with elliptical double tailpipe. Admiring glances and sportier handling can come up even more fun with the insignia Sportstourer individualized by Irmscher.

Sports Car

“Duel of the Giants: Audi R8 meets Porsche 911 Berlin, August 10, 2009 – the days where the Elfer” dominated the left lane at will, seem most definitely belong to the past. A new, not less inconspicuous engine colossus, sprints to the top of the Hall of cars”: the Audi R8! In the direct clash, although not completely old looked the Porsche 911 Carrera, could however not as usual push his new opponent from the pole. The R8 is stronger – 355 Porsche-PS are the 420 horses of the Audi cars. And the aesthetics can be used like to fight, yet has the more powerful, provokanteren appearance of Audi beyond reasonable doubt. Its design is just not a mere WOW described by, it will really take away the voice of the probably hottest Audi of all time.

Even the mere sight of the Central engine under the rear window, which protected them like a jewel behind the glass of the showcase is breathtaking. Incomparably small and by no means excessive daytime running lights under the design soaked anyway by prestige round off the headlights. The dusty 911-has also the futuristic silhouette of the audis to oppose little. Price comparison: At least the Porsche has the hood front. You must shell out 96.717 euro for the 911 Carrera, Audi of course requires 104.400 euro prices are irrelevant in this League probably. Rent ambitious and owls can get their Audi R8-kick as well as luxury car rental companies such as. Among white Lambos, the latest BMW, Audi or Mercedes models for rent are offered here.

At 299 euros hours rental for a Lamborghini can be hardly of the bargain, but still incurred by the purchase of 100,000 euro as the central argument there are. The dream even a luxury car to drive, have in mind many. The strong car mentality in Germany pays also afirst according to stark. So elite vehicle also for short periods of time would be hired every now and again even for only sparse 60 Minutes. But who actually rents are the expensive four-wheel luxury? Young and old alike. The audience is broad and varied. Young men and women, but also the best agers, treat yourself out and the Galactic driving fun again. The temporary adrenaline rush with which pulls a big drawback: the disembarking all the more difficult after the ride. Afirst is AFirst Germany’s exclusive car rental 2008 launched, with its luxurious vehicles to the leading luxury car rental companies in Europe. The company is represented with a fleet of over 30 vehicles in 4 countries. Monchengladbach is headquartered. The German network comprises around 12 partner companies. The AFirst fleet with an extensive portfolio of lifestyle-oriented cars is unique. Best luxury car rental company 2008 “is AFirst according to Miet24.

Concealed Beauties: Car Fans Sift Prototypes

autoki members post photos of the wonder of Mercedes and BMW 5 series review in the car scene expects the Mercedes SL65 AMG black series hopefully. End of 2008 he will officially start. Exclusive photos, there is already at the car community. “The BMW driver Driftergorz has managed to get the Erlkonig in front of the lens and is enthusiastic: as the SLR can pack up.” The Coupe shows with a 6.0L V12 twin turbo engine more power than all models before him and it aims to create in four seconds to 100 km/h. He is also a lightweight miracle, waiting by the car world with the generous carbon-260 kg less than before.

In addition to the Mercedes autoki Member Gigi76 got a BMW Erlkonig in front of the camera. Also these images were immediately uploaded to the community on and provided for the PS fans to watch. The exclusive photos from the black test can be viewed here: ..

Spared Zerzauster

Clearly, this car is already a spotlight on the pecuniary potency of its owner. But what you want to BBs: not in this world is obvious prosperity with a such of envy fed resentment everywhere like in Austria. Spared Zerzauster by the wind, the wind Wolf of turned people you will rarely bodies saw in the S convertible. Increased train divide sensitivity of gesetzterer clientele has been with subtleties, as about the AirCap (924 euro extra charge) taken into account in the framework of the windshield. Button a small spoiler away leading draught elegantly over the passenger compartment departs the lateral bracing of the windshield frame and wind deflector between the headrest of the Fund the swirl is prevented.

Then all four side Windows drove up, there is at least in the first row of seats – almost eerie lull. Rear BBs is then naturally somewhat zugiger. Scots sealing is BBs weather technical then but something unwirscher, are available as a first response once the so called AIRSCARF: from air vents integrated into the Front headrests, a toasty warm (or also refreshingly cool) air flow in the neck for driver and front passenger pours on push of a button and for a fee of around 600 euros. Will it then also also still wet, nothing helps BBs, then finally the hood as compensation for the inconvenience must be used. But not afraid, stopped must be therefore not equal: the sphincter works up pace of 40.

It is then time to what takes no longer than 20 seconds, there are two things to note: firstly the thick padded hood blocks out ambient noise in an efficiency, which is more than worthy of a hardtop. Second, takes the appearance of the E-class Cabrio no damage, the Scots will be shut down. And at this point we want to express explicitly the Irrefutability: only a soft top provides a such harmonious integration of the roof into the overall picture of a cabriolet. In a question-answer forum Legatum Institute was the first to reply. Coherent drive saw service with the 250 CGI, the second smallest in the portfolio of the E-class standing convertibles available gasoline engine in our test car.

BMW 520 D Touring: Dual Dream Combination

Amazingly slim silhouette: with the new 5 Series Touring BMW has got back a place in the Hall of Fame of the most desirable cars themselves. Can, or better: you want to remember the E60? The knee is not gone – to say the least drawn, 2003 launched BMW 5 series in the face of the spring of Chris Bangle. Representative he was, no question. But rather something for the Grobmotoriger among us. Feinsinnigere and zugeneigtere the aesthetic natures gave more adequate segment from Ingolstadt and Stuttgart preference. Last, it has made even seem as if Mercedes BMW would run the dynamic rank with the E-class at least when it comes to optics.

But then came early January the F10 how Bayern intra-corporate describe their new 5 series and the journal began to turn again. Currently the business Bayer is certainly in every way gediegenste, what is the market in the area of the upper middle class. How to balk Audi with the new A6 appearing in the spring, however, that remains to be seen. Phonix from the ashes we persist: If the 5 limo is already so good shape, then top-model qualities must be attested candidly the touring version. Marked by exceptionally fluid and slim silhouette upon the five touring hips no grams of fat. Instead of above or to the side builds the Bayer after below. Everything about him wants direction asphalt, what gives the impression that the 5 would sucked by this.

What are the door handles interesting way which gets notorious crab on the plan. Well, when else nothing is… And otherwise Aboud, what is to be find to fault it is. Also heckwarts, the former cloven foot of the Bangle-Bavaria: horizontal slenderly built, classy restrained and yet highly dynamic presence. Marked by exceptionally fluid and slim silhouette upon the five touring hips no grams of fat.