Further Administrative Court

The higher administrative Court of Saarland recognizes also the EU driving licence on more and more administrative courts recognize the EU driving licence. Now, the OvG Saarlouis decided under the file number by June 16, 2010 – 1 B 204/10, 1 D 232/10 has the EU driving licence in Germany to recognize. Thus, the EU driving licence in Germany, acquired the law means is absolutely legal and right safe. In the current case the SAC overturned a decision of the Saarland administrative court stating: the forecast, that the European Court of justice its case-law on the interpretation of article 8 paragraph 4 Directive 91/439/EEC under the scope of Directive 2006/126/EC maintained, already has the Senate on the occasion of his decision by the 23.1.2009 (higher administrative Court of the Saarland, decision by the 23.1.2009 – 1B 438/08 -, AS RP-SL 2009, 139 et seq.) considered in the context of complementary considerations referring to the alone the right result page changes of the recast directive as shown, without however fully with the problem to confront. This follows the OvG the decisions of the courts of other provinces (HessVGH, decision of 4 December 2009 – 2 B/09 – 2138, BA 47, 154 et seq. as well as OVG Rheinland-Pfalz, decision of 2010 – 10B 11351/09) in plain text said that the Court only on when serious grounds requirements have not been met following the occurrence or the EU (residence rule, blocking) exceptions to the recognition of EU securities also criticises the Court continues the negative decisions of other federal States as incomprehensible. With this judgment the holder an EU driving licence may use these on German roads, fully in its corresponding class.

The Saarland is the third State, which thus recognises the EU driving licence. But how can you now to acquire a driver’s license and be sure that you are on the right side of the law, because there are many black sheep? It is best if the driving licence aspirant himself first once well informed. Rolf Hamilton law Walter has disclosed already the various practices as an insider in various TV shows. The interested licence aspirant on the page can look at these reports. The Agency of Tarabas 68 as well as the Agency Struhar (www.eu-fuehrerschein-cz.com) are considered very reputable provider with high success rates in these circles..


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