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“Duel of the Giants: Audi R8 meets Porsche 911 Berlin, August 10, 2009 – the days where the Elfer” dominated the left lane at will, seem most definitely belong to the past. A new, not less inconspicuous engine colossus, sprints to the top of the Hall of cars”: the Audi R8! In the direct clash, although not completely old looked the Porsche 911 Carrera, could however not as usual push his new opponent from the pole. The R8 is stronger – 355 Porsche-PS are the 420 horses of the Audi cars. And the aesthetics can be used like to fight, yet has the more powerful, provokanteren appearance of Audi beyond reasonable doubt. Its design is just not a mere WOW described by, it will really take away the voice of the probably hottest Audi of all time.

Even the mere sight of the Central engine under the rear window, which protected them like a jewel behind the glass of the showcase is breathtaking. Incomparably small and by no means excessive daytime running lights under the design soaked anyway by prestige round off the headlights. The dusty 911-has also the futuristic silhouette of the audis to oppose little. Price comparison: At least the Porsche has the hood front. You must shell out 96.717 euro for the 911 Carrera, Audi of course requires 104.400 euro prices are irrelevant in this League probably. Rent ambitious and owls can get their Audi R8-kick as well as luxury car rental companies such as. Among white Lambos, the latest BMW, Audi or Mercedes models for rent are offered here.

At 299 euros hours rental for a Lamborghini can be hardly of the bargain, but still incurred by the purchase of 100,000 euro as the central argument there are. The dream even a luxury car to drive, have in mind many. The strong car mentality in Germany pays also afirst according to stark. So elite vehicle also for short periods of time would be hired every now and again even for only sparse 60 Minutes. But who actually rents are the expensive four-wheel luxury? Young and old alike. The audience is broad and varied. Young men and women, but also the best agers, treat yourself out and the Galactic driving fun again. The temporary adrenaline rush with which pulls a big drawback: the disembarking all the more difficult after the ride. Afirst is AFirst Germany’s exclusive car rental 2008 launched, with its luxurious vehicles to the leading luxury car rental companies in Europe. The company is represented with a fleet of over 30 vehicles in 4 countries. Monchengladbach is headquartered. The German network comprises around 12 partner companies. The AFirst fleet with an extensive portfolio of lifestyle-oriented cars is unique. Best luxury car rental company 2008 “is AFirst according to Miet24.


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