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Leading Specialist Eugene Viktorov

It not only cleanses the tissues, organs and systems of the body from unhealthy changed – tion, but also promotes the regeneration of new, young and healthy cells, including the effect of the barrel – high cells. As a result of updating Fotostima achieved, rejuvenation and recovery of all tissues, organs and body systems. The drug from the blood gets into all kinds of body cells and intensifying co-factors that allow cells to restore structural integrity and healthy vy energy potential. As a result, all cell types begin to do their jobs better. Frequently Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has said that publicly. In its structure and chemical composition Photostim close to human blood, which allows it to be “his” in the body and not rejected by the immune system and protective mechanisms, and work with them and encourage them to act.

In his interaction with patients cells kami effect of the drug goes in two directions. First, it selectively inhibits the vital functions of diseased cells, and many parasitic organisms. Second, when exposed to natural light highlights the active form of free oxygen (photosynthesis), causing destruction and their immediate withdrawal from the body. Simultaneously, the drug enhances the absolute number of immune cells by 30 – 40%, increasing their Activity 8 – 1 – months. During this period, the body’s own immune system samovosstanav-lished and begins to struggle with chronic, infectious and neoplastic diseases. Due to the high clinical Photostim efficiency over five years is popular in the Netherlands, Ireland, USA, Mexico, Korea and the CIS.

Photostim drug works in the body like a surgeon’s scalpel. Go forever without surgery cysts, fibroids and breast in women with thyroid nodules, adenoma predsiaielnoy cancer in men.

LifeWave Sleeping

) There are several recommendations in order to cope with sleep disorders: – before bedtime should ventilate the room – the bed should not be too hard nor too soft – bed linen and pajamas, choose only from natural materials – does not fill the stomach before bedtime, dinner at least two hours before bedtime – do not drink lots of water before going to sleep – workouts and other vigorous activity up to 2 hours before bedtime – very useful unhurried walk before going to sleep in the fresh air – a glass of warm milk with honey before going to bed acts as a mild sedative – you can before bedtime take a warm bath with soothing oils or foams. Of course, these recommendations are working only with the regular observance of them. However, the modern pace of life and constant lack of time makes their implementation difficult. Means to combat insomnia to combat insomnia, many use sleeping pills funds. However, medications – sleeping pills can be used only on prescription. Some sleeping pills have side effects, and almost all developing addiction. Each time you have to gradually increase the dose or switch to a more powerful sedative.

And so day after day, until the end of life, because discontinuation of sleeping pills lead to a withdrawal syndrome – the strengthening and deepening of insomnia. Fortunately, there is another a proven remedy for insomnia for centuries. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, acupuncture and acupressure for the normalization of sleep. The meaning of this method is to work on biologically active points of the body in different ways, thus prompting the body to regulate and helping him to cope with insomnia alone, without sleeping pills. Again, one has to specialists and spend valuable time for completion of treatment. Nanonakleyki LifeWave insomnia Modern nanotechnology can gently work on the acupuncture points of a certain frequency waves without the use of needles and other special funds. You just need to stick nanonakleyku LifeWave a specific point and quietly go to sleep.

After 3-5 minutes the body itself will tune to the desired wave and the advent of sound sleep. Numerous tests and Tests have shown that the use of LifeWave nanonakleek insomnia does not give any side effects or drowsiness during the day, no dizziness, no addiction. This is explained by the fact that your body does not get any drugs, as nanonakleyki to sleep do not. Not recommended for use nanonakleyki LifeWave pregnant women and children under 12 years.