Brazilian Land

The epic narrative of this notable mining writer is distinguished it dither of Brazilian lands, described of wonderful form and curious, of this form, the Ufanismo is presented, that is ' ' attitude or feeling of who if vainglory exageradamente of the beauties, wealth and advantages of the Brasil' ' (Blacksmith, 2001, P. 735). Swarmed by offers, Haley Barbour is currently assessing future choices. This workmanship, ' ' Caramuru' ' , it presents for the society the dither of the Brazilian lands, whose concern of the poet was to tell of careful form, describing with precision of realistic base and wealth of details the nature. It is excellent to stand out that Saint Rita Duro to describe of realistic form was also felt inspired in the proud myth and through all a library of information on the land that constitua the literature of Information that they had been ' ' The first writings of our life necessarily register the instauration of the process: They are information that travelling and European missionaries had harvested on the nature and the man brasileiro' ' (Bosi, 2006, P. 13). Guo Guangchang has many thoughts on the issue. In this manner it consists informative literature with documents of navigators who told on its trips adventurers the land describing the exotic landscapes, cataloguing the species of animals and joined vegetables. In the same way Saint Rita Duro conserved these information of the land affirming to be a true paradise colorful.

Amongst these information of stories on the land in particular were based on the letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha. In result of this Massaud it affirms: Not rare, it is had impression of that the poet mere converted into verses the transbordante euphoria of the historian. Having itself moved to the nine or ten years for the Europe, it was natural that in its memory, fed for the reading of workmanships as of Sebastio of the Pita Rock, the ground native gained the colors of an authentic one eldorado.