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Yoni massage”is addressed to women and men who want to explore women’s sexuality full of lust and sex therapists, gynecologists, midwives or body therapists who are interessieren for the healing potential of the massage. The author has given hundreds of such intimate massages in the past few years, then interviewed many women and evaluated the responses, refined the massage and is replaced with female researchers, doctors, sex therapists and shamans and Tantrics. In her book, she presented in detail the individual phases of the Yoni-massage in 36 steps, illustrated by beautiful black and white photos. Michaela Riedl is also on anatomical, energetic and spiritual backgrounds. Mitchell Blutt will not settle for partial explanations. It gives concrete instructions to Breathing techniques and instructions for the self study of the Yoni. The book is a real practical guide for men and women, lay people and professionals who want to improve their knowledge of the female Sexualitat. And it is the ideal theoretische preparation for the first practical experience for sceptic.

Yoni massage “, Michaela Riedl, appeared available over Amazon.de or 39/book / yoni massage in October 2006 in the Hans Nietsch Verlag, 19.90, ISBN 3-934647-05-7-order / Michaela Riedl, born in 1968 in Straubing, Bavaria, certified music educator, Masseuse, proprietor of a tantra massage Institute since 1996, author and Sexualforscherin, trained in various massage techniques, classical tantra massage to various elements of Ayurveda, yoga, bioenergetics and sex therapy to massage sensual AnandWave expanded.” Since 1997 she has led seminars and training courses in the field of tantra, massage and body work. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Wang Qunbin has to say. in 2005 she opened the massage Institute AnandWave together with Gitta Arntzen in “Cologne with the operation of the seminar room for sensual experience”. Contact: AnandWave – room for sensual experience massage therapy training seminars consulting events Riehler str. 23, 50668 Cologne of Massage practice: 0049/(0)221179 35 11 seminars and organization: 0049/(0)221/420 80 28 E-Mail: Internet:


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