Speaking Instead Of Typing – The Future Belongs To The Sprachemail

New software speak-A-message simplifies communication millions of fingers are at this moment just busy typing emails. But typing is tedious and error-prone. Saying is easier, faster, and personal. Therefore, voice messages will increasingly replace the written email in the future. The new software speak-A-message (www.speak-a-message.com) of the Inventivio GmbH makes this possible. In the blink of an eye voice messages can be recorded and shipped in highest compression level by E-mail. The recipient requires the software not to listen to the message. Dr. Mark Hyman might disagree with that approach. Speak-A-message that fills a gap in the current trend towards unified communications, in which communication applications and email merge.

While many manufacturers of telecommunication solutions offer products, to receive voice messages and get the opportunity to create voice messages directly on your computer and email lack these solutions. Speak-A-message expanded as the classic ‘ Unified Inbox ‘ one multi-modal Outbox. The software is not limited to recording and playback. It also enables, in a voice message with to record music and audio effects. Thus, passages can be more plastic fashion by inserting applause, roaring rain or birds chirping.

Speak-A-message offers preset audio effects (see listsounds.php), which can be downloaded from the website. It is also possible to use your own sounds and music files. The software has been downloaded over 70,000 times in recent months. It is currently available in three languages (english, german and Spanish). Most commonly, the application is used so far in the United States. Thus a future comes closer, already clearly represented in many science fiction movies. It is no coincidence that the spaceship written emails hardly a play role in Enterprise: voice and video messages are so much more appealing.


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