COMPUDATA on ECM Forum by RR DONNELLEY present that RR Donnelley on April 25, 2008 held ECM Forum 2008 fulfilled with regard to the slogans stopped the flood of data fully the expectations. Both the speakers and the event organizer itself offered all information around the concept of enterprise content management (ECM) systems, to which the COMPUDATA was also represented with a post on the subject within a highly organized process. Charged recipients of the event were IT service providers and IT consultants as well as prospects and customers of RR DONNELLEY, the leading Businessfor document and content management solutions in the Switzerland. For consistent, enterprise-wide approaches, the use of enterprise content management (ECM) has proven systems in the face of increasing legal requirements and cost-reducing aspects. By RR DONNELLEY is pointed out explicitly is not proof of the old traditional saying \”The Shoemaker has mostly the worst shoes\” – RR DONNELLEY itself successfully employ systems ECM. RR DONNELLEY is working with an industry leader, the partner company OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which the customisable software OS.

5ECM, a uniform information, communication and control platform provides enterprise content management (ECM). The term ECM\”stands for enterprise content management (ECM) systems, which include the capture, management, archiving and retrieval of information. The basic tenor of all speakers aimed in the direction that the flood of data only with a really efficient and effective tool, such as the ECM system can be stopped. This emphasized Henri Spinnler CEO of COMPUDATA, as well as his two first and subsequent speakers. Henri Spinnler put archiving of E-invoices from the perspective of providers in his paper\”a proven solution on the basis of OS. 5ECM dar. B2Bnet, COMPUDATA’s business-to-business platform is a service provider, which comprehensive services for Offers B2B processes. This includes among other things the entire spectrum of the data transfer of the route (from the sender to the recipient), about converting (the receive and transmit in the target format), to sign (E.g.


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