Email Marketing System

TIM3m as a rental solution (software as a service) the Aachen of Hamburg Internet agency team in medias, reduced prices for their professional email marketing and newsletter marketing software TIM3m to 50%. At the same time the software is no longer sold, but only as a rental solution (software as a service) offered. Other leaders such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. offer similar insights. TIM3m is a highly scalable email marketing and newsletter software. It is employed in small businesses, send the less than 1000 emails per month as well as send in companies, more than 250,000 emails per month. Team in medias, has decided to take this step, because market-side professional solutions almost only still in the service mode of the software are available.

The purchase and operation of your own solution is justified due to the much lower prices today only in exceptional cases. team in medias, is an Internet Agency of the first hour with offices in Aachen and Hamburg. The company was founded in 1995, and today provides services primarily on the basis of open source software like OpenCMS, xt-Commerce, Magento, TYPO3 and WordPress. A Another focus is the topic of online marketing..


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