German Schlager

to the cozy folk Chanson “A tribute to life”, the melancholic, but still cheerful retrospective piano ballad “A journey into the past” or “The time of the beautiful songs”, a wistful reminder of all the beautiful years, when music was music, and not unnecessarily more rate/rhythm, commercial, sterile noise, as unfortunately quite a few posts, catchy tunes of the 1950s and 1960s, which fill the charts these days. Very particularly successful and persuasive, the author of these lines is Oliver’s loving Ode on his great role model, a “Soul Catcher Udo” (Jackson) – a big thank you to the greatest songwriter, singer and show stars, the European pop scene has ever produced. Also very impressive review on the German hits of the 1960s; peppered with friendly references to former hits such as Drafi Deutscher, Adamo, Wencke Myhre, Udo Jurgens, or Freddy Quinn, made me immediately after the first Hearing set in brightest enthusiasm; I work Yes itself mainly with ‘old’ anyway (or so) timeless music, and I have, consequently, for current Chartskrach, today Hui, tomorrow Ugh, often little more than a faint smile left – and I’m only capable of, me considering this crash, to cover the ears as soon as possible! It is assumed that 2010 will be a very important year for OLIVER star. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mississippi Legislature. With the two Worles, as naturally and irrevocably with the brilliant Prof. Christian Bruhn, he has supporters through his continuous work as a singer and lyricist that will ensure guaranteed, his is that the sympathetic musician made of?World city with a heart”as a lot of hits will have in the coming year. He has talent, stamina, a wonderful, gentle and almost haunting voice with a high recognition value; noble songs and of course competent people around him, he has to show that it decades inspire again could pop classics for eternity on the man / woman to bring – which most US friends German Schlager songs light up today. Mark Hyman, MD takes a slightly different approach.

ERGO it should be to the devil, if it not succeeded Prof. Bruhn, Wolfgang Hofer and the pair of brother Waheed in friendly cooperation with the artist OLIVER STERN, in futuro one or other Evergreen in PES. to create, which is quite beautiful mess swirl the second decade of the new millennium. “Tomorrow”, a more than just a phenomenal beginning – a very skilful and lovable reinterpretation of a universally familiar pop hits, is presented by an artist who is with both feet in life and especially behind all of this, what he sings and writes for this! “Tomorrow” is available on various reputable Internet portals of the variety, or downloadable in anytime soon, thanks to a sales contract with the company “Believe Digital”. So, people, access – you will not regret it! Overall score – “Morning”: Best rating! Source: Holger Sturenburg, 17 and 18 October 2009 Please note also:


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