Danish Finnish Neutoner

“Artist of the year’ in Danish folk music prize 2009 etno (thk) bastard”: the title of the latest album by afenginn (Westpark music, sales: Indigo, Vo: 22.1.2010) brings short and concise to the point, what is offered on it while 43 minutes. The Danish Finnish Neutoner play namely a curious as well as highly individual style mixture, in the music influences from the Slavic Eastern Europe with Balkan rhythms, polkas, punk, psychobilly, Nordic folklore, rock ‘n’ roll feel and elements of jazz, classical music or Klezmer merge. This unorthodox, cosmopolitan, semi acoustic sound-Sud between joy and sorrow song, which a certain openness for other music requires”(crossover-AGM), present the afenginn founded in 2002 in Copenhagen as in the rush and full force. With these two Hauptworten, also name from the old Norse is translated. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jacob Elordi. The fourth Studio album of lead Kim Nyberg and his four virtuosos is back – and Outlook in One. “It includes seven new versions of instrumentals of the phonogram retrograde” (2004), Akrobakkus”(2006) and Yinyang Polaris” (2008) also three compositions from recently. Versatile that underpinned in the clarinet, violin, mandolin/piano, bass/guitars / mandolin and drums acting ensemble his reputation as in Europe’s world music scene. The exceptional position of the five experienced concert sound eccentric, that 2009 has been awarded at the ceremony by Danish folk music ‘contemporary artist of the year’ award, international also meets with open ears. They have”stood in sing out! “(United States), international level and sound absolutely crazy!


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