Mystery Shopping

Quality customer service can become an important competitive advantage, which is why the problem of estimating and improving the level of service is relevant for many companies. Using customer surveys to assess quality of service and brainstorming has some significant drawbacks. Firstly, it is very time consuming and expensive process. Secondly, buyers are not always able to articulate an answer to the question: "What in the staff formed from them or that impression? ". Therefore, companies are increasingly using the service, mystery shopping. Its main advantages – secrecy and surprise inspections and the possibility of using professionally trained agents. What is a "Mystery Shopper"? Despite the fact that the term "mystery shopping" (from the English Mystery Shopping) can seem very mysterious, the concept of marketing research by using This method is actually very simple. The method is in the evaluation of selling and service divisions of the company using fake customers and clients. The main task of studies – to provide the company's management by objective data on how to improve client business processes, workmanship standards and procedures, as well as to evaluate the work of staff in terms of unbiased consumer. Secret buyers has been successfully used in various industries such as retail, restaurants, financial institutions, shops and gas stations, service providers, manufacturers, shops, tourism, Entertainment and many others. The task of mystery shopper is to visit the organization or call the company under the guise of an ordinary customer and then provide a detailed assessment using questionnaires. The visit, of course, be applied incognito, and the seller has no clue about what it is checked. With the help of secret shoppers can evaluate the quality of service, equipment sales, decoration of the hall and style, appearance and manners Sellers, their behavior in conflict situations and other settings. Technology 'mystery shopping' gives the customer a huge amount of information that can be used for: – development of trade regulations and staff – a training program – clarify motivation programs – certification trade and service personnel.