Before registering the company must prepare a package of documents (charter, memorandum, etc.) to determine the legal address and activities, share capital and its form of payment, to pay legal costs, file an application with the notary. We recommend to order the preparation of documents for the professionals, it is not so expensive, so save on that. As a result, you will win at least on time. When the necessary documents ready, you can go to the tax inspectorate and to apply. Not so long ago adopted a position in which the documents required to pass the mandatory presence of one of the founders. After five – seven days executed documents should reach the legal address of the firm, which is specified in the founding documents. Dr. Mark Hyman can aid you in your search for knowledge. Then we need to make a print, opening a bank account, register with extra-budgetary funds (HIF, FSS, FS). Here short procedure for registration of companies and enterprises.

In reality, the original document may take a long time. If incorrect data in the documents may be followed by a legitimate denial of registration and You will have to re-lose precious time. The simplest procedure for registration of the LLC, there is no need to register the shares and take other actions related to the issue of shares. Today, you can open a business in any organizational and legal form of company (Limited Liability Company), ZAO (Closed Joint Stock Company), OJSC (Open Joint Stock Company) and FE (individual entrepreneur). PIs can do the same types of business that Company, JSC.