Retail Market Crisis

For the past six months, our island of tranquility plunged into crisis. And now it is hard to find anyone who has a question about the crisis replied: – ‘What crisis? All of this will be a couple of months, if not start. ” The crisis touched all. Particularly retail. Watching the retail market, I once again find confirmation that it is retail is the skeleton (if I may say so) the economy of any state.

I remember once I was asked to live in far in 2007 about what to expect retail, what are my predictions for 2008. Then I said that government should understand the importance of retail as one of the drivers of the economy and should not prevent the slowdown in this segment market. Thousands of jobs are created for the maintenance of any large retail facility. And not only at the expense of businesses or suppliers of its own staff. Here and an adjacent warehouse business and shipping, and easy Industry (clothing), and supply of equipment and much more, which provided thousands of jobs. This impressive chain can unwind long. And in the end to show something more terrible than U.S. government presented a chain of horrors from the Big Three U.S.

automakers. The mere enumeration of the consequences of the collapse of at least one company that most of the Big Three should have been intimidated ordinary citizens and to guarantee hundreds of billions of public assistance. But all hopes of a country in our country were well-fed in 2007.