Pond Food – What And How Often To Feed Fish In The Pond?

Pond food like pond flakes or pond sticks well suited for feeding the most fish in the pond. More specific feed should be fed when there are Koi, sturgeon in the garden pond. Food for all pond fish dry food for pond fish there are in various styles, such as feeding flakes, sticks or as granules. The composition is balanced with the most foods so that they can be used as a complete feed for the daily feeding of the fish in the pond. Many pond fish, such as goldfish, pleased but also diversions on their diets. While insects and microbes such as mosquito larvae, and Gammarus are popular delicacies.

These can be purchased commercially as live feeds, as frozen food or dried. Feed as often pond fish? Feeding pond fish, it’s always on several factors, which determine the quantity of feed. So less food should, for example, at cooler temperatures and are no longer fed at cold temperatures in the winter. The metabolism of Fish works at warmer temperatures better than when cold, so in the summer the pond food better can be digested. When calculating the amount of feed, then factors such as the size of the pond, the number of fish, the vegetation and the occurrence of algae in the pond get a role. It should be fed always just as much as the pond fish eat within a few minutes. Is still food in the pond, after about five minutes then less should be fed the next time.

Typically a feeding advisable once or twice a day. Special feed for koi in the pond with Koi in the pond we recommend to access more specific feed themselves. They are omnivorous, but should be fed with speziellerem koi feeds. Especially granulated food is a popular feed at Koibesitzern. Different varieties are adapted to different needs. There are koi feeds to the colour enhancement, the faster growth or also to reinforce the defences.


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