Fressnapf Food

How wolfing dogs and older dogs can benefit from an elevated feeding dish. Elevated feeders are particularly suitable for large dogs and are a practical invention not only for the dog. A dog bowl, which is almost at the level of the head, makes the dog easier to eat and swallow. It is not only more convenient, but has positive effects on the digestive system, because less air is swallowed. As a result, the bloating decreases. A common problem that can be reduced according to experts and veterinarians with an elevated Fressnapf. Elevated bowls are a relief for older dogs with arthritis.

The pressure on the joints and the spine is not so great, as if he must eat hunched over. Big dogs by the way often tend to the arthritis than smaller dogs. However, there are increased feeding bowls in all sizes. Even for cats are such food dishes on offer. Very high feeding bowls have of course even larger bowls with up to 2 litres Barrel capacity. So, even big dogs good with water are supplied, if they are a few hours alone.

Enjoyable not only for the dog but also for human back, because the dog owner has not so deep to bend down, to change or to replenish food or water bowls. Small tip on the edge: the dog sick ate themselves and should be still remains in the bowl, dog trainers recommend to empty bowls. To prevent obesity, and on the other hand, the dog owner should decide when the dog gets his food. This should strengthen the human leadership. Finally still another advantage. Some dogs eat in such a hurry, that they leave a little havoc to the food bowl. An elevated feeding dish can help here, too. Due to its height, the feed directly back into the Bowl drops without to spread on the ground. The elevated food dish has its sense and purpose. But eventually every dog owner must decide which Bowl for his dog in question. Often, there is also a cost issue.


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