Uzbek Meat

An important element of this kitchen are sharp and sweet-sour sauces, such as Georgian or satsebeli tkemali. The Azerbaijani kebab is lamb, which is chopped into small pieces with bones and cartilage, and no flavor. For the Armenian shish kebab on-Kara preferred rather large chunks of meat alternated with fat-tailed fat. For other meat is cut smaller and interspersed with vegetables – medium-sized tomatoes and slices of eggplant. In contrast to the Caucasian kebabs Uzbek has more pieces. They also strung on the line with the fat-tailed or fat wrapped in thin plates, which absorb heat from the coals and transfer the meat fat and juices.

Something like this is, and Turkish shish-kebab. In addition to natural meat in the Azeri, Uzbek and Turkish cuisine and use chopped. This is the kebab – it is made of minced meat, which includes lamb onion, a little bacon, spices. Minced make sausages, put on skewer and grill. By type of barbecue cook and kidney, tongue, lungs, liver, heart, stomach … Prepare the barbecue and poultry, and fish. Among these dishes special place skewers of sturgeon, which is marinated no more than ten minutes (otherwise collapse) and flavored with nutmeg, beating off an odor. Here, as in most cases of Caucasian cuisine, based marinade is vinegar.

That wine, because the usual, according to experts, kills the taste. These masters of their craft and do prefer juices, such as lemon or pomegranate. Pretty well the marinade on the basis of dry white wine (red frying spoils the color of the product) and a good soda mineral water. Meat roasted over an open fire, a frying pan, oven, hundreds of different recipes, you naedete on the 'catalog of recipes. " In preparing the article, I found out that the above matter to the marinade occasionally replaced beer, wine, and a mixture of vodka, brandy, tomato or cherry juice, soy sauce, mustard, mayonnaise and even yogurt or yogurt. Well, let's not argue – that someone like that.