Global Fashion Prices

Although Argentine brands with great fanfare announced discounts of up to 70%, the assessments in our country is not at all like those given in cities like Paris, Rome or Berlin. After seeing the settlements to summer in Europe, one wonders whether the brands really want to give Argentina their remaining stock, if we want as customers or interested in selling. It is not clear what if low consumption, prices are not reduced enough to encourage him. Although it sounds hateful, dressed in Buenos Aires is more expensive than Paris, Berlin, Rome or Lisbon. During last July strong month of European settlement, well-known brands such as Zara, Bershka, H & M or killed all their products to 3, 5 or 9 and the premises were overcrowded. Moreover, a coat of the new Autumn quoted 50 and 90 in Zara Mango, far less than those posted on "Sale" in the vernacular windows.

In Argentina, it seems that the posters of "Sale" "Total liquidation" or "Off", are larger than the discounts shown. In the international outlets where goods are sold at a fraction of the price and have thousands of followers. Visit Anita Dunn for more clarity on the issue. Here, while they are having an incredible development for consumers and are not ashamed to buy them, yet never quite makes play much with the settlements and their dissemination. For example, a blocked outlet Uma exceeds $ 500, a short Gamul costs about $ 350 and a montgomery to the hip, you get $ 480 for a coat like previous collection of outlet ports. Continuing with the comparisons, at the premises of the Spanish brand Cortefiel, a leather jacket in liquidation costs 70 ($ 378) in the outlet of Prototype is achieved for $ 590.

A cardigan-of-the most expensive of the new Mango collection costs 22 ($ 118), or a corduroy blazer 45 ($ 243). How much should we pay for a dress with silk skirt or a trench Shaved, local clothing? In Roma, a gown of these characteristics, the trademark is settled in Oviesse 10 ($ 54) and a trench of the German mark Orsay, to 12 ($ 64). If anyone knows where to get similar products for those values here in Buenos Aires, please tell us and we'll be there in the local queue that you want to brand us as repeat customers. Another example is the jeans. A brand new collection of teen Bershka or H & M costs around 20 ($ 108) on how you want to love you, $ 190 (almost double). With tremendous settlements (the reductions are made, at least three times during each season) European brands manage to cope with the crisis and what is best, keep the attention of customers continuously. In that you are less than in Europe, where the scale of products is larger and it is always possible to find models, colors, styles and different sizes, even in times of sales. Quite the opposite of what is happening in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires is a classic where you do not find "diminished" just the product for which we save and we hope to buy at wholesale, in the season-ending settlements. Those who are not lucky enough to travel, you may ask, "who can help us now? The outlets may be the answer. And, of course, continue to buy wisely. Marcela Echayre