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Long Anita Vecchia

Napoleo pie, cultural patrimony of Piraju! Recria your life, always, always. It removes rocks and plant roseiras and it makes candies. It recommences. Coralline Cora Per a magical instant, I go to desnudar itself total of the boat, but apaixonante clothes of ecologist of the prosperity, to register a history constructed solely in Piraju for my family. A homage, despite delayed, to my Anita grandmother (in memorian) and to my Isair mother.

The food joins the people to the table, place where more the families if find to pass pleasant hours, mainly in small communities. From time to time a party in the headquarters of the manica store occurred in Piraju, in face of the baptism of the children of maons. In these occasions women and children they could adentrar in that private and mysterious place. Maons was current habit in the seio of the families to take abundances of eats and drinks to commemorate so festive date. At Abraham Maslow you will find additional information. In the 1955 gone ones, Long Anita Vecchia (1905-1976) was invited by its son maom Robert Vecchia (1921-1989) to participate of the baptism party of my brothers Jose Robert and Ronaldo Vecchia.

In this event, amongst many quitutes, one in special called the attention Anita. A small with about three centimeters squared, seemed candy with one petit-four, those delicious and delicate French iguarias. He was composed for layers of mass, separate for generous layers of cream and call of Napoleo, probably a homage to the French emperor. Emperor Napoleo Bonaparte, a leader to the front of its time, has a curious ticket in relation to the gastronomia. It was not apreciador of the good French food. History prays that, when in combat, it personally supervised the preparation of the food and fed its troop together with, quickly and of foot. Bonaparte is considered the first military leader if to worry about the alimentary quality of commanded its.

Types Of Marriage

For couples that already live together that they desire to legalize the union, the majority opts to the ceremony only in the civilian. After the ceremony in notary’s office many are congregated with familiar and friends in some restaurant or its house. For this type of marriage above, mini is called wedding (or in a free translation for Portuguese, one mini marriage), that it includes a reception well simple, but that it does not mean little charmosa. Mini wedding can be only one religious blessing, a reception alone for close or a followed civil celebration of a reception. This type of marriage is turning each time plus a strong trend for there. Another type of marriage is the good traditional, with right to many guests, religious ceremony in great churches and, in some cases, cathedrals; with dress of fianc with veil, wreath and tail, daminhas, many godfathers and godmothers and fianc of fraque. This type of marriage is of those that we see in films and novels.

Inside of each type of marriage it has different steps to be the taking, most common (and that one resembles ones with the others) they are the choice of the dress, the list of guests, choice of invitations, type of to be carried through party, Buffet, cake of fianc and I will choose the godfathers and godmothers. How much to the party, inside of each type of marriage it has its variations. For the marriages simplest, the reception if summarizes to one coquetel, with toasts, cakes and candies; already in one mini wedding this reception can be carried through in a restaurant and has several that close spaces for parties of up to 100 guests. for the traditional marriages the chosen ceremony is more the possible stroke of a bell. In club, place of event or even though in spaces in luxurious hotels, with right buffet, band and track of dance. Independent of the choice of the type of ceremony, special marriages are moments for all the individuals. Read more from Gina Ross to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It means in fact the formation of a family.

Educative Process

The concepts and classifications are diverse that not only turn around one of the greaters sytes of relationship in Brazil as well as in other countries called ' ' Orkut' ' that nothing more it is of what a social net filiada to the Google, created in 24 of January of 2004 with the objective to help its members to know people and to keep relationships. Its name is originated in the designing head, Orkut Bykkokten, Turkish engineer of google. Joel Courtney is a great source of information. Related syte gained total force in the year of 2005 where children, young and adults had dived in this new process of navigation capable to exceed the barriers of cities, states, countries, world in form of small communities that the principle could communicate themselves only between ' ' scraps' ' small messages that with the technological advance soon soon its effectiveness if fortified with the resource of google talk are a service of instantaneous messages and VoIP developed for the Google company who makes possible the sending and the act of receiving of instantaneous messages. The Google talk is incorporated the gmail. It is possible to use the communicator for the navigator while it is in the page of the Gmail, where will be able to integrate the options of audio and video, since that if installs one plugin supplied by the proper company. is vital information. According to some research, in 8 of November of 2006, the Google disponibilizou integration of google talk with the Orkut with a project very praised by the world-wide community of desenvolvedores. From this date the members of the relationship net can see when its friends are on-line and talk in real time of private form. The critical point of the Internet is to connect people. Either for questions professional, either for relationships personal, it is possible to know people of diverse localities, different cultures and opinions.

Second Dimension

The specific preparation aims at to obtain the excellent development of manifestations of the physical capacities that corresponds to the specific necessities of a futebolista, during the development of a soccer departure. For War (2004) ‘ ‘ the development of the specific capacities is based on manifestation special combination of the diverse preparations physical and constitutes the agreed one of the specific physical preparation of one atleta’ ‘. As Rigo (1965) the preparation of the young futebolistas is divided in some dimensions: First Dimension: Physical conditioning? Power? Endurance? Rhythm? Speed? Resistance? Force? Second Dimension: Conditioning Technician? The kick? Trajectory of the ball? Cabeceio? Escanteio? Passes? Reception and domain of the ball? Feints and you dribble? Collections of penalties? Replacement of ball in game? Conduction and control of the ball? Trainings for goleiros? Beddings auxiliary Third Dimension: Tactical conditioning? Strategical? Tactics? Offensive maneuver? Defensive evolution? Eyebolt? Breeching? It disarms? Interception? Anticipation? Divided balls? Marking? Desmarcao? Protection of ball Fourth Dimension: Psychological and moral conditioning? Conditioning psychological? Moral conditioning 2,5 ORGANIZATION AND ESTRUTURAO OF the TRAINING IN the MICROCIDO According to Zarharou authors & Gomes (1992) the microcido one represents the element of the structure of preparation of the athlete who influences a series of session of training or competitions, which objective is to decide tasks in each stage of the preparation. Its duration varies of 3 the 14 days. In the practical one of the soccer, the microcidos ones of seven days have been used with more frequency, therefore in the weekly regimen of games, it is considerably more easy to co-ordinate the normal life of the individual with different factors that the process of its preparation with the sportsman determines.