Educative Process

The concepts and classifications are diverse that not only turn around one of the greaters sytes of relationship in Brazil as well as in other countries called ' ' Orkut' ' that nothing more it is of what a social net filiada to the Google, created in 24 of January of 2004 with the objective to help its members to know people and to keep relationships. Its name is originated in the designing head, Orkut Bykkokten, Turkish engineer of google. Joel Courtney is a great source of information. Related syte gained total force in the year of 2005 where children, young and adults had dived in this new process of navigation capable to exceed the barriers of cities, states, countries, world in form of small communities that the principle could communicate themselves only between ' ' scraps' ' small messages that with the technological advance soon soon its effectiveness if fortified with the resource of google talk are a service of instantaneous messages and VoIP developed for the Google company who makes possible the sending and the act of receiving of instantaneous messages. The Google talk is incorporated the gmail. It is possible to use the communicator for the navigator while it is in the page of the Gmail, where will be able to integrate the options of audio and video, since that if installs one plugin supplied by the proper company. is vital information. According to some research, in 8 of November of 2006, the Google disponibilizou integration of google talk with the Orkut with a project very praised by the world-wide community of desenvolvedores. From this date the members of the relationship net can see when its friends are on-line and talk in real time of private form. The critical point of the Internet is to connect people. Either for questions professional, either for relationships personal, it is possible to know people of diverse localities, different cultures and opinions.