Albert Lights – Used Albert

The German outdoor lighting manufacturer gebr. Albert uses new techniques for the surface treatment. Regardless the shape and design of luminaires, Albert puts lights under the name FORMAFACE on a new surface sealing process for stainless steel lights. The visual appearance of the products is not influenced, so for the customer there is no difference between a standard stainless steel product and a FORMAFACE treated article is. So far are many stainless steel products electropolished Albert as standard, which is usually sufficient as surface protection for use in an aggressive atmosphere.

Albert FORMAFACE will introduce the new procedures at the next exhibition “Light and Building” in Frankfurt. Due to this newly developed surface treatment, all models can be so refine the materials against aggressive environmental influences, such as for example, in Lake-containing atmosphere, are better protected. Previous salt Chamber spray tests of level IV show this. So can the Albert A higher durability provide special treatment for its products in use in regions on the sea. Longevity has top priority in the production and development of luminaires with Albert for years. As the high-quality aluminum alloy specially designed for Albert and high-quality stainless steel, used by Albert to the light production materials most suitable for outdoor use only. An enamel in addition ensures a long durability of aluminium lamps. Also a paint in the RAL tone according to customer requirements is of course possible. We will gladly advise you! Contact usu0085


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