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XMen First Generation

He won first place in the box office with $ 56 million. It has grossed less than the previous ones despite the barrage of critical acclaim. Second place at the box office was for hangover 2, now in Thailand!. X-Men: First generation, the only big premiere of the week in EE UU, won first place in the box office with $ 56 million (EUR 38.3 million) the worst figure recorded in its first weekend for a film in the saga. According to the specialist website Box Office Mojo, the film de Matthew Vaughn, starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, January Jones and Rose Byrne, won $ 1.5 million less (EUR 1 million) than the original film of the franchise, released in 2000. The second installment, X-Men 2, recorded 85.5 million dollars (58.5 million euros) at its premiere. The third part, X-Men 3: the final decision, earned $ 102 million (69.8 million euros), and X-Men origins: Wolverine got 85 million of dollars (58.2 million euros).

According to the website, the lack of stars such as Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry could damage the chances of success of the tape, which however has achieved the best reviews since the release of the second part. Second place at the box office was for hangover 2, now in Thailand! , the comedy starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms, with 32.4 million dollars (22.2 million euros). In EE UU already has a total of 187 million dollars (128 million euros), making it the third film most viewed of the year, behind Fast & Furious 5 and Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides. The third place went to animation Kung Fu Panda 2 tape, with 24.3 million dollars (16.6 million euros), while the fourth place it got Pirates of the Caribbean: in tides, with 18 million dollars (12.3 million euros). Anu Saad will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The fifth position fell in the hands of the comedy Bridesmaids with $ 12.1 million (8.8 million of) EUR). Independent field Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen, expanded to 89 rooms over to add 2.9 million dollars (1.9 million euros), while The Tree of Life, of Terrence Malick, most added 621,000 dollars (425.429 euros).


In output, entertained by some orange touching Asturias, patria querida txistu and the tamboril, happy air of celebration in honor of Samuel, the Tour does not hide his frustration by the storm that does not explode. Looks to the profile of the Aubisque obscured by dark clouds as waiting for a signal, but one of the people, Pau, discourages him: today doesn’t break the storm, perhaps tomorrow, more to the East, on the Plateau de Beille, whose name alone scares. On the Aubisque, so far from the goal of Lourdes, also, indeed, the cloud was diluted in this mist that disorients the cows so much as the passage of the advertising Caravan and pushes them into the asphalt extra work for the sweepers of encouragement, that leave nickel road every day and in an opiate the Europcar tran tran, the team’s leader, Thomas Voeckler, a whose pace, more or less, it is going through the Pyrenees, with what that means. Source of the news:: under the dictatorship of Watts.

Audea – Crack In Apple Security

The last attack to a large company, Apple has occurred. Antisec (short for anti-seguridad) is the organization that has hung the document showing the data and passwords of users of one of Apple’s servers. This group of cybercriminals is composed of hackers belonging to two organizations: Anonymous and Lulz Securiry (now dissolved) hackers have stated on Twitter, which has been a failure in the enterprise security system which has allowed them to steal such personal data. At the moment this attack is the latest that suffers from a company of this magnitude, after received the Governments of the United States. More information is housed here: Dr. Mark Hyman. Apple has not yet been decided. We could say that these data are part of the campaign of cyber crime that takes more than two months attacking big business and that suggests that there are still many gaps in the information security field. There is possibility of unleashing an alarm social, since that it is not yet known in that hands will fall our personal data when we users d and with that purpose they will be used. Audea security of information Department of Marketing and communication source:.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

Press Conference of the first Norwegian Minister after the double bombing. At least 91 victims in two attacks suffered in Norway. Arrested a Norwegian of 32 years is defined as a Christian fundamentalist. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, ranked this Saturday in the worst tragedy since World War II to the double bombing Friday in Oslo and the neighbouring island of Utoya, which killed at least 94 people. Stoltenberg made this statement this morning in a televised press conference, visibly shaken, after the police in 84 the number of deaths on the island, where hundreds of young people were involved in a Social Democrat youth camp, the Party of the Prime Minister. Get more background information with materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. It was an attack on the paradise of my youth, now turned into a hell, added the politician, who before the attack planned to go to the island, place that had visited in his younger years to participate in youth camps and where you were now waiting friends and coreligionists. The attack on the island It happened about 17.30 hour peninsular Spanish, two hours after the attack with car bomb in the Government complex of Oslo, with at least 7 people dead and fifteen wounded.

Contacts with the far right the Minister of Justice, Knut Storberget, in appearance with Stoltenberg, confirmed on the other hand the information previously disseminated by the police, according to which the alleged perpetrator of the massacre, arrested after his action on the island, is a Norwegian of 32 years with contacts with the far right. According to police, the suspect had opinions hostile to islam, as it revealed a record ctuado at his home, where police found several messages hung on the internet with content clutter and anti-Muslim. The suspect, arrested after the massacre on the island and identified by Norwegian media as Anders Behring Breivik, acted alone, according to police investigations in progress. Witnesses told public radio NRK that the assailant entered into Social Democrat youth camp with uniform Police and identified as such to access the site. According to a camp guard, the aggressor explained that he was going to review security and so appreciated, he wore two weapons source of the news: Stoltenberg describes the attacks as the “worst national tragedy” since World War II